Homage to Vanessa

Here is a picture of every Vanessa in my collection.  A few have been re-rooted. One is a duplicate who has been repainted and re-rooted.  There are a few I have never redressed.
—Do you have a favorite Vanessa?
—Which is your favorite picture?

Pictures have been posted in a small size but you can click on each to enlarge.

True Royalty
AFL Platinum
Shock Bon Bon
Runway Ready
Poesie Sans Couleur
Intoxicating Mix
AFL Raven
Pale Fire
High Tide
Color Therapy
Cruise Control
Flame Blue
Going Places
High Tide
In Bloom
Luxe Life
Metal Maven
Miami Glow
Night Warrior
Obsidian Society
Shirred Not Shaken
I never realized there were so many redhead Vanessas! The last two pictures are not the same doll although the appearance is remarkably similar.


  1. My favourite Vanessa is the only one I own: "In Bloom", although I'd very much like to get "poésie sans couleur" or "afl platinum/raven".
    I find "luxe life" and "true royalty" pics the best, by far, in composition.

    Christie H.

  2. I think the Obsidian Society Vanessa is stunning. Love her with red hair.

  3. I would love to have Raven and Platinum.
    All great pics, though. You made it hard to pick a fave!

  4. I have about half of all the Vanessa's and wont stop till I have them all, she is IT!

  5. These pictures make me so sad I only have one Vanessa. On the other hand, seeing such gorgeous pictures of Vanessa does bring me joy

  6. @Alejandro...Awwww....I'm sorry you are sad. You will get more real Vanessas, I'm sure. Keep watching the boards and eBay. I will keep my eyes peeled. (that's gonna hurt.)

  7. Wow Terri, I am so jealous of your collection. Great pics and thanks for sharing! Beautiful!!