Doug James and Doll Show in New Jersey

I made my way over to Teaneck, New Jersey today to attend the Doll Show at the Rothman Center at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I set my clocks ahead last night and set my alarm for 7:00 AM. When I awoke at 8:30AM I discovered that I had set my clock to PM instead of AM. Oh well.  Lucky for me it wasn't a missed flight or a job interview. My friends arrived pretty much at the same time so I was OK.
I'd never been to this show which takes place every few months. Most of the booths are selling vintage dolls and accessories. I love the truly vintage items but I dare not even think about going there with my collecting. There are several dealers selling modern fashion dolls.
A bunch of us crazy collectors gathered at a large table to eat lunch and have a show and tell! Dolls were passed around and there were lots of oohs and aahs to be heard. I had a great time and will definitely be attending again. If you are in the general area - NY, NJ, CT, PA - think about coming. 

I was very happy to finally meet Doug James in person. For those who are not familiar with his work, Doug James worked with the late Laura Meisner for the L.L. Knickerbocker Co. to design and create
Mod British Birds, Willow and Daisy. (link) There is no official link for Daisy and Willow.  (link)

You can find many images of these dolls on the Yahoo group by the same name. I have a nice collection of them. They are interesting and very pretty dolls but their bodies are stiff without articulation. Many collectors dress their Tyler and Ellowyne dolls in the clothing which is mod 60's era styling.

Doug designed the CED dolls

Portrait Claire ~ Image Property of Doug James
Violet and Gabby
Image Property of Doug James
Image Property of Doug James
And now he has created Seine, Sayer and Sebastian Fashion Dolls.
Seine ~ Image Property of Doug James
See the link for more images of these new dolls, their fashions and wigs that are currently available.

Here is Doug himself holding Sebastian for me as I took this picture.  (At least I think this doll is Sebastian.)  If you like a male doll with a body that says hunk, this may be the doll for you! He is anatomically correct and fine to look at, almost as cute as Doug. :-)

Getting back to the doll show...I did not bring a camera because I didn't want the event to turn into work for me but I couldn't resist taking a few shots with my iPhone.

Click on this link to see the pictures I took today and remember they are made with a phone. Be kind. Hehe.


  1. Doug is one of the kindest people in Doll-dom!
    A true treasure and talented artist!!

    Great coverage Terri! It was great hanging out with ya and the gang outside the usual convention circuit!
    Can't wait until August! :)


  2. Can you provide a link for the Sebastian doll? Are the dolls for sale someplace? Thanks for your help.

  3. http://www.seine-fashion-doll.com/aboutdoug.htm

  4. Michelle Gagliano4/1/12, 8:32 AM

    have doll collection to sell, do you know anyone that buys entire collections? they are Frankilin Heirloom dolls all in boxes never removed.