Re-Styling A Doll - A Success Story in Pictures

My friend collector, ParadiseBlue-Jay, recently acquired the Jason Wu designed Neo-Cissy, "L'Enfant Terrible."  I found this doll to be unappealing.  She has hair growing out of her eye for goodness sake. And someone forgot to give her eyebrows. On top of that, her outfit is very sexy for a doll with a child body and a big head. Nuff said.
Poor thing. She's been hit in the face by a crow.
So yesterday he sends me a bunch of pictures. Here are several:
Monaeglo Gown
Acid green hosiery by Linda in Las Vegas. Necklace from Limousine Sybarite.

Shoes are her own.

She looks fabulous now! I love the colors. It's electric!

He also sent me pictures and a review/comparison between the Neo-Cissy and the Avantguard body which follows.

AG looks pissed.
Body review:
There is a feel to Cissy that smells of Integrity. The light weight hollow plastic feel is okay.. not great but I have come to expect that of Integrity. Integrity has a way of dressing up the cheap.

The Torso / arm pit area is the same on both types of dolls. Knees are better on Cissy. They have the swivel knee-cap. The spindle that attaches the feet and hands to the arms or legs are loose on Neo Cissy. The ridges on the Cissy feet/hands spindles are almost non existent. They slide in and out with no grip. Very floppy.. on my doll. They may be better on someone else's.

The Torsos on the AG's are horrible and floppy.. Neo Cissy's are better.. but not great. I think what aggravates me the most about Neo Cissy's feet is that they are so floppy that she couldn't stand on her bare high heeled feet, without the doll's weight forcing the feet to go almost flat. She looks like the weight of her large head has crushed her feet. Flat high heeled feet is not a great look. LOL.

Hands. I am not happy with the Neo Cissy "hand balls" (looks like posing balls at her hand's base) at her arms. They were made to look like the "balls were needed to pose better. Maybe BJD like? There was no need to do that as the spindle goes into the arm close.

Would I buy another? Probably not. If the sale was good.. maybe. I wish Integrity would pay attention to detail on the underlings of a doll and not just the fashion.

Speaking of the fashion.. very nice. Boots are not cut the way the promo pics indicated. Those looked ankle tight.. these look like rubber boots.

I want to thank James for the pictures and for taking the dead crow off the doll's face. LOL.
In addition, I appreciate the review of the bodies as I'm sure my readers will as well.


  1. If it's possible, I'd love to know if it was difficult to take off the "eye muff", and if she had eye makeup on underneath it, or did he have to paint it to match.
    And I agree, his re-style is tons better than the original.

  2. She is now the prettiest Cissy I have ever seen/

  3. Hi Aubrey..
    The feathered eye patch is a self-adhesive sticky mask. The sticky-tape cushion on the back of the feather and beaded mask will eventually need to be replaced, if we keep taking it off and on.. I put it away for another day.;)

    Thanks for post Terri. :)

  4. James, thank you very much for replying to my question. You did a lovely job with her.

  5. Beautifully done!!! I am an admirer of James and his styling and creativity. Beautiful photographs.
    Cissy looks Amazingly Gorgeous minus the 'flower eye'.