SALES to take note of....

—At Wilde Imagination: for a limited time, take $20 off any purchase of $100 or more.  Promo Code is SMILE12. Four new Evangelines and several Ellowynes have arrived. You can go spend all your money right now! If I were going to get another Evangeline, it would be the resin. I've just about had it with the terrible articulation and difficult posing of the vinyls. It's really too bad. Such a cool doll with such fabulous clothes and she can't hold a proper sitting pose. Ugh.
Haunted Melody (vinyl) Rooted Hair $175
Timeless Evangeline (vinyl) Wigged (comes with 2 wigs) $140
A Cautionary Tale (Resin)  (Resin)  Wigged $425.
 Beautiful Nightmare Vinyl Wigged  $175
Click here to see Ellowyne Wilde's catalog and new items.

At Tonner Direct: Starting tomorrow, March 17, 2011 at 11:47AM Eastern Daylight Time (why 11:47?) through March 20th at 11:59PM EDT.  You get 21% off with FREE SHIPPING.  Promo code is MADNESS.That's what I call a good sale. There are exclusions and the offer applies to in stock items only. See the site for more information.
You know they're all mad over there, don't you?


  1. Hello Terri!

    Thank you very much for this post and the hint about the USD 20,00 off.

    I've just ordered a Vinyl Evangeline, as one of them is still missing in my collection.

    So I hope this time German customs won't make me wait 2 months and 21 days for her delivery. They did so with my Mme Alexander Paris doll, and I was close to a nervous breakdown, because I wrote about a thousand faxes and e-mails and even letters before they condescended to have a look at where she might have been lost.


  2. @Petra: Did you get one of the vinyls that is on sale? If one has patience, eventually everything goes on sale. I wish your doll good speed!

  3. Hello Terri!

    I got the Haunted Melody one. But with 20,00 dollars off that's fine.

    There's not much of a bargain I can make with approx. 40,00 USD shipping cost and about 26 % import tax and duties on the overall amount, anyway.

    I simply fell for that doll.

    As there seems so be a galopping inflation in doll prices right now and the Sybarites no longer appeal to me she comes in handy.


  4. I blame you for my new addiction to Evangline! :) I just got my first, Tangled Web, in Feb. I'm not crazy about Melody. Timeless is making me twitch and I have to have her next, Nightmare is also a beauty. Of course Cautionary is amazing but Resins are out of my price range. Vinyl's are pushing it, thankfully there are not a zillion dolls I love the way I love Evangeline. She's just so breathtaking I don't mind that I just have to stick her in a stand.

    I can't even explain to myself why I am willing to spend this much on a doll lol. I am very patient though, I have gotten some amazing deals by waiting for sales on Barbiecollector, though it lost me the Louboutin shoe set which sold out right away when it first went on sale.

    I have sewn Barbie dresses before, I should pick up a few Evangline patterns & get my butt around to making some outfits & hats for her.

    Anyway I am babbling and thank you for leading me to Evangeline.

  5. @Debbie: I'm used to being blamed. LOL.

  6. Hi Terri,

    Your pics and reviews persuaded me to get Everlasting Evangeline. I'm blown away by the beautiful wardrobe she has and her striking looks, even if her pose-ability is limited like a Pure Neemo doll.

    *grins* Not sure if I should thank you or blame you for a new addiction!