13" Agatha Primrose from Tonner Doll

New Agatha Primrose Line

Here is the introductory paragraph about Agatha Primrose from the Tonner website:

From the artistic to the technological, from fashion to fiction to science, Agatha Primrose loves the experiences that her life brings. Whether obsessing over Dr. Who’s TARDIS, Hermione’s Time Turner or Doc’s DeLorean, figuring out the recipe for Katniss’ District Four bread, and of course, trying to find a believable female character for her gaming fixation, Agatha is on a fact-finding mission and it’s all for her personal knowledge. You’ll find her wearing the perfect handmade costume at Comic-Con, testing the latest gadgets at the tech store and nose deep in books with places to which she hopes to travel.

 She comes across as a more articulated young Marley who is on the nerdy side.  I do not care for the open mouth. She's been given a bust and fashion feet but wears very child-like clothing.  I guess I'm trying to figure out how old she is.

I love the outfit but something is off here. She's has a gaming fixation? Seriously?

So I like the doll and her outfits but the back story sucks.

Remember this Marley? I loved her hair and face and dress. How does the new one compare?

Another similar looking Marley.

It's all a little too obvious.

An outfit that would have been improved if the doll had flat feet, tighter pants and tall boots.

The link to Tonner's Agatha Primrose dolls:
If you click on the blonde basic, it says "sold out."  I believe it's just not in stock yet.