36 Hours to Go

I'm excited! In about 36 hours we will be in Pittsburgh awaiting the start of the Fashion Royalty Convention the following day. I started this blog almost exactly two years ago during the Baltimore convention.

One year ago at this time it was a Saturday night at the convention and we were wondering who was in the box we were going to open after dinner. It turned out to be Going Places Vanessa, my favorite Fashion Royalty character and a ho-hum example of the same. Little did we know that there were to be three more Vanessas on their way whose value would plummet to never before seen depths. Horrors!
(If you had read my story called The Vanessa Reunion, you would know that True Royalty was right when she predicted that the more Vanessas produced the lower their value would be.)
Who will it be this year? I'm hoping for a fantastic Eugenia or the newly sculpted Veronique.
Watch this space for my links to my photographs from the convention. There will be many.

Prior convention dolls in order below:
Midnight in Monaco Veronique, Diamond Dusted Veronique, Cosmetic Takeover Natalia, Born to Gamble Kyori, Intoxicating Mix Vanessa, High Roller Veronique, Concerto in M Agnes, Intimately Acquainted Luchia, Going Places Vanessa, High Gloss Agnes and Back to Black Natalia.

(Intimately Acquainted Luchia
missing this image)

(Back to Black Natalia
missing this image)

 (All images are mine except Intimately Acquainted Luchia and Back to Black Natalia. Courtesy of Integrity Toys.)