Are We Waiting For A Sybarite Sale?

The third Sybarite in the current Monoglam collection went live today on Superdoll's site. She is called "Chiffon" and uses the Voltaire sculpt.

Voltaire clone: 0801, Default skintone!
Eyes of burnt ginger, dusted in tangerine, lemon and warm chocolate eyeshadow. double liner to top lid in netalic silver, yellow and black. Lips of transparent coral.
Sporting a one piece yellow custom dyed guippure lace slash front dress with multi layer hemline and divinely delicious ribbon bows that peek a boo between the layers of the hem.
Hair of matching yellow in mohair, simply gathered in portions that hang free, frame her face and tie back. Wig is trimmed in silk ribbon bow and whispy centrepart fringe that add to the beautiful aura of summers nonchalant times.
Accessories consist: Custom print silver 'leather' bag, ribbon and grosgrain belt , AW tag earings and the daintiest, most delicious yellow stiletto courts ever to grace the Sybarites!
Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

 Price: £355.00 ($555.97 US)

The first two Monoglam dolls are still available. I've not seen this in a while - dolls not selling out. Are people waiting for a sale, hurting for funds or do they just not like the dolls enough to shell out the bucks? Perhaps the hats, which will be offered as a separate package of four, should have been included.
Meadow £384.00 ($601.38)
Velvet £377.00 ($590.57)
There is one more Monoglam doll coming. She is called Lawn and is dressed in green. Three more separate fashions are also expected. This will be interesting.
So far, the only purchase from this line I've made is the set of 5 pastel colored jeans. That offering sold out quickly.
Here is my new Syb repaint (Yian) trying to decide which ones to wear.  Poor girl. She hasn't been in my photo studio yet and doesn't even have a top to wear.


Nekkid Shots of Penelope

Everyone wants to see what the new body looks like.  Here are a few shots I took with my iPad in the kitchen a few minutes ago - unedited.