Conventioneers "Jump On It" - Friday Night Dancing Video Part II


2010 Convention - Diorama and Fashion Competition

I think there were more diorama competition entries this year than I have seen in the past. People really put their time and effort into some great little works. There was one gigantic diorama which I can't really call a diorama - it was more of an installation. A separate category should have been created for it. It won and it certainly deserved an award for the electronic devices and the incredible amount of work that went into it. Unfortunately, the other dioramas were overshadowed by it's size. There were a few others that ought to have been recognized as well. I also believe that people who are part of a convention team including teachers, helpers, et al should not be eligible for prizes. Again, it is better to avoid the appearance of impropriety when running contests, raffles and such.

The fashion categories had delightful entries. Hopefully, after several  years the announcers will realize that a picture of the winning items ought to be projected onto the screen when the winner is presented. Very few knew what each person had created (except for the winning diorama.) It was nice to see that the winners actually got something besides a plaque or a ribbon for their efforts.

I thought they were all winners. When entering a competition like that you really put yourself out there and being recognized for the effort is important.

Several entries are missing from my photographs because I took the pictures early on Thursday before some items arrived at the hotel and there just wasn't any time after that! I apologize to all whose beautiful work is not represented. I wish I had them all with your names right alongside. If you can help to identify the images, please let me know. You can click on each photo to see an enlarged version. Enjoy!

Deb Buckner

Lori Lyon

Janice Delp

Karen Kolkman


Veronica Hage

Veronica Hage

Janice Delp (Halloween of the Future)

Janice Delp-left

Lisa Ramsammy



So what is FR2?

If only I could stop calling it FR two and start calling it FR Squared. The problem is that the numeral 2 is in the numeric form and not the squared form and I hated algebra anyway.
Fashion Royalty times itself. Hmmm...twice as good? Twice as expensive? Twice as hard to get?

I have played with Dasha the FR2 doll from the convention collection and I am very impressed with her body. First of all it's a very pretty body. She's got a lovely chest and graceful limbs. The range of movement is excellent. I don't like her hands. They're a little rubbery and the fingers are spread out.  That's useful for putting rings on her fingers but the other hands held things better.
My overall impression is that this body rocks! Congratulations to Integrity Toys for introducing a terrific body for 12 inch dolls. Now let's see the same on the Avantguards.

 Dasha's feet are a bit longer which makes many shoes from prior outfits unwearable. What I would do is carve a bit off the back of her heel. If done carefully and sanded smooth, it won't show. Or we could petition IT to tweak the mold and bring the feet back to the prior size. That won't work. On the other hand...all the shoes I have that were too big will now fit. Still, many of our older shoes will fit. The fit of the clothes remains to be seen.

I'm sensing that FR2 is the demarcation between the end of Fashion Royalty as we know it and a reorganization of their lines. And in a way it's an invitation to those of us whose collections are out of hand to back away from continuing to accumulate more and more and just concentrate on the finest dolls (and less of them.) In the last two years since the disappearance of Veronique, we have seen a big change in the FR line besides the introduction of the Monogram dolls. Many of the fashions have been less than what we had come to expect. Jason's absence was palpable in the Fashion Royalty line except in the dolls from the 2009 convention and some exclusives. But the FR2 line seems to be his work. Except for the styling of the centerpiece "Dark Swan" Elyse Jolie FR2 doll, they're all classy and beautifully designed.

These dolls come with an adjustable height stand that supports dolls under their arms. These stands are OK if the fashion is not heavy or doesn't  have a large skirt because the vertical support bar is up against the body and pushes the fashion forward from the rear. I'm glad I have dozens of left over stands from earlier dolls. 

What do you think of the longer eyelashes, larger feet, flat, spread-fingered hands and the new line in general?

They are not available for purchase yet and we were not told the date upon which they would be released.  I don't know how much they will be but I'm quite sure they won't be cheap.

Tonner Announces a Late Fall Release of Dolls

A group of nine dolls was revealed today by the Tonner Doll Company.  I was particularly impressed by the creativity and beauty of the following four. Click on the link to see the rest.

A long-awaited one is a 17-inch Dumbledore figure. For the hordes of Harry Potter fans out there, he's sure to be a prized addition to their collection. He is wigged and has the O'Neill body.
Perseus from Clash of the Titans with the likeness of Sam Worthington on the Athletic 17" body with molded hair is an imposing figure. The costume is incredible.
 Jacqueline Frost is a new character who may be Santa's assistant. She comes in a basic version clad in a silvery bodysuit. This image shows her in a separately available fashion entitled "Frosty Touch." She is 16 inches tall on the Antoinette body. She reminds me a lot of Glinda.
Frosty Touch, Jacqueline Frost™ Outfit
Flynn from Tron with a Jeff Bridges head sculpt on a 17-inch Matt body looks sleek.