The Meal Events, the Swag and Halloween at the Convention

The food was so much better than previous years at this Hyatt that I suspect someone else is running the kitchen. The servers were solicitous and well-trained. What a turn-around! I don't remember exactly what we had at each meal but the portions were more than sufficient, the ingredients were identifiable and some of them were actually vegetables! This hotel serves great coffee. We were able to talk to eachother during the meals because there wasn't loud music playing. There was plenty of room between the tables. All in all, the dining was a pleasant experience.  I liked the way the centerpieces were displayed with a Halloween theme. The cage, the big hand, the spider web with the skeleton were all very clever and fun to look at.
The find the key "What's behind door Number X" was played at each meal and some of the prizes were really great. From what I heard, people were seen opening cabinets and drawers, looking under furniture and behind panels throughout the lobby and halls of the hotel in search of these keys. It would have been fun to have hidden cameras to see this activity!
On Friday night, Sherrilyn Kenyan, in full costume, took the stage and gave a brief, humorous talk. Then she went into the lobby to sign books and chat with collectors. An impressively bound and boxed edition of one of her books was given to each attendee along with a black plastic chair with a related symbol. I am not familiar with her books but I did chat with her and she's very pleasant.
The costumes worn by guests were amazing. I couldn't believe the lengths some went to to impress. And they certainly did. I did not recognize many people because their costumes were so good. That was really fun. There was also a woman on stilts making balloon sculptures. Very Carnaval.
Bob brought Rudy down and I took him onto the dance floor. The poor thing was scared to death by the music and lights almost immediately. He started to shake. He will not be on Dancing with the Stars any time soon.

We received an generous amount of dolls and gifts at the table. This is definitely the only convention that gives away so much good stuff. The doll gifts were a complete Agnes giftset, a Poppy Parker in an adorable black A-line dress, Kesenia-a new character, and of course, the convention doll, Giselle.

Integrity Photo
"Hourglass" Kesenia is a Fashion Royalty doll with one of the Brides of Dracula faces sans fangs. I would like her better with a different mouth.

Integrity Photo
"Tears Go By" Poppy Parker is very cute. She has the popular eye screening and long flippy hair. Her outfit is perfect for her.

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The Dark Romance Agnes Giftset was presented one piece at a time. We knew when we got the big empty box in our registration bag that we would be getting a set. That is so much fun. This Agnes looks like the FAO Agnes from the early W Club event. She was very popular and I think this one will be popular as well.

The convention souvenir doll, Dark Romance Giselle was a complete surprise to everyone. We knew from what Jason said that it would not be Veronique and that was sad (although Anja is a good substitute.) Is Giselle considered a Fashion Royalty doll?
I love Giselle's gown. The beaded bodice is stunning and the shredded fabric ball gown skirt is very pretty. Although Giselle is not one of my favored characters, I know that many people love her. I like her smoky eye screening and the color of her lips as well.

Other items received as gifts were the suit from the Deceptively Yours Kyori giftset (without the accessories, ) a black plastic Dark Hunters chair and a beautifully boxed Sherrilyn Kenyon book, Azone sandals and a jewelry set with shoes.
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If I left anything out, please email me!

My next post will cover the centerpieces and the convention collection.

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