2010 Integrity Toys - Jason Wu Convention The Convention Collection Dolls

The following dolls were available for purchase - one to a customer - in the store during the convention. Everyone received a coupon which entitled him or her to buy one of each doll. At some point after dinner Saturday night, the rule changed, unannounced except to those inside the store. We could buy as many dolls as we wanted - no tickets necessary. PA tax was added to each purchase made in the store.

Fashion Royalty Dolls
"Out of the Blue" Kyori $90.
Mine has already had the bump taken down from her forehead and the glue washed out of her hair. I boiled it straight. Today she will get a trim and be redressed in her fashion. She was a bit too fussy for me to leave this way. After dunking her head in boiled water, I squeezed the sides to make her face less flat. When it looked the way I wanted it to look, I held it under very cold running water until it was cool. Then I let go. Pictures of the redone doll later.
Integrity Photo
"Night Vision" $90.
If I collected the Homme dolls, I'd have definitely bought him. I love the long coat and the rest of his fashion is cool. This is a good-looking doll.

"Fine Romance" Eugenia $150
I decided not to keep Eugenia. It's a lovely doll but there's no WOW factor. I have Eugenias that are much more gorgeous.  She reminded me of Pale Fire Vanessa with that hairstyle.
Integrity Photo
 "Scarlet Woman" Adele $90.
This doll has "Talking Drama" Adele's face almost exactly. IMO the dress did not fit well at the shoulders and neckline. She just wasn't for me...and there's that forehead bump again.
Integrity Photo
"Always Polished" Dasha $150.
I loved this doll and her fashion the minute I saw her. Several people commented that she looked like a tranny. I didn't think so at all. She's got attitude! Dasha is definitely eastern European and she's staying.
I love the gown with it's fabulous draping and tiny buttons. This is Jason all the way.
Integrity Photo
  Poppy Parker
"Ask Any Girl" Gift Set $130.
The center front Poppy is the doll included in the gift set. All three outfits come with her. She is wearing an adorable sweater whose buttons made me want to scream. When I finally got them hooked I put a piece of tape over them to keep them closed. I love the shorts!!!
The doll on the left is the workshop Poppy and she is wearing the softest off-white lace gown. I'm wondering if the factory put the sash on upside-down. David, if you're reading this...please tell.
On the right is Reluctant Debutante Poppy wearing a very "Mary Tyler Moore - That Girl" suit and bowler hat. It comes with two tone spectator type shoes. The straps are very difficult to button and one broke. I may remove the straps on those shoes altogether. There is a loden green sleeveless shell under the jacket. The hat which appears to be a type of pressed felt product is not a good quality as it's surface is shreddy-looking. There are also leatherette short gloves with a pearl button at the cuff. Forget putting them on but it's a nice touch. A little matching clutch, earrings and a pendant are also included.
I think it's a very good value for the price.
"Wild at Heart" Twin Doll Gift Set $175.
This is a wildly popular gift set with two very trendy-looking dolls. Vaughn told us that in order to create the bi-color hairstyles, they had to do the pony tails as attached hairpieces which are not to be removed if the owners want to have this hairstyle. 
Integrity Photo

Did you get any of these dolls? Which ones? What do you like about them?


  1. I am crazy about dolls like this!
    Unfortunately, i haven't any one of this.

  2. kyori reminds me of candi

  3. Hi Terri--

    It was so nice to meet you in person! I enjoyed our chat.

    I ended up getting all of the dolls, but will not be keeping some of them. I will be keeping the twins, and possibly Dasha and Eugenia. I really like Ask Any Girl, but she's fairly similar to the luncheon Poppy, so I expect to find a loving home for her, and keep Tears Go By instead. I like the fashions in the set, and I know what you mean about the buttons on that sweater! It was a pleasant surprise to find the shell top hidden inside the suit jacket.

    It's tough with the Eugenia--I'm waiting to see if anyone takes her hair down and styles it. I love her coloring, but not a huge fan of that style up-do.

    Elisa of PetraElise

  4. Nice pictures Terri.. What are the story lines of these dolls?

    What was the Dark Romance? Who was in it?
    I was wondering about the continuity of the dolls.. and how they came together.

  5. @James
    I haven't a clue. I never follow the story lines.

  6. Thanks for the great review, Terri.
    I agree about 'Always Polished Dasha'. I Loved her from the start!
    Always wanted to attend a FR Convention and never got to go!

    gerri XX

  7. Oh lord..I have sworn off buying any more dolls BUT that Night Vision homme ! I love the hommes the best and I WANT HIM !

  8. @ Terri..
    Were there story cards?

  9. I would really like the twins, but I am kinda dissapointed that the color is an extra hair piece as I am a deboxer who likes to play with (inluding restyling hair) her dolls. I was excited about the possiblities of the two tone hair! They are still nice dolls but I would like it better if the colored hair was part of the rooted hair..does that make sense lol. I have bought the Poppy set but have not recieved her as of yet, but I have all the sets and have liked them very much. I would note that as most of these clothing for the convention dolls are black or dark navy and red, I would be careful about staining after a period of time as this seems to be an issue with many dolls with this colored clothing (not just from integrity). Thanks Terri for all the great coverage of the convention for those of us who were not in attendance!

  10. I thought this was a great collection! I loved the Poppy giftset but I have too many dark haired Poppys so I passed. The only other one I didn't buy was the Homme. I have almost all the other Hommes, and realized I never play with them or photograph them. They should probably find new homes where they will be loved.


  11. @: Hey there Terri..
    I searched out my friends who worked the Convention again this year, as they do every year. (I hadn't had time this week to be in touch) and I asked about the "Dark Romance" theme. I wanted to know what the heck it was all about.

    In a nut shell:
    Apparently they have no idea either. LOL. The theme "Dark Romance" was supposed to have had a different set up.. that set up got cancelled and they kept the name. Plus.. the name was already out there.

    The dolls that appeared at the Convention, just appeared, without any rhyme or reason because of the lack of story card. "FR2" is a play off of world famous designers (from Canada, I believe) "D2" (actually called "D Squared") .. (they are two brothers)

    Have a great Sunday.

  12. Hey Terri I'm still lusting after Night Vision boy..but my question is -is he basically a blonde-green eyed version of Takeo ? It appears to be the same face mold ? I want to buy him but I'm wondering if its really worth my $ since I already have a Takeo and thsi would just be a blonde version :-) Thoughts ?