CDDC Challenge 5 "Say Konichiwa to Fashion"

The current challenge is to take the idea of the traditional Japanese kimono and couture-ize it.  It's a great (and easier) challenge as it relies solely upon the contestant's own creativity without having to incorporate or interpret the styles of other designers or eras.

The ranks of contestants has thinned.
In the beginner section, I like this one because it's modern-looking with distinct traditional Japanese motifs and accessories.

The image suffers from uneven lighting which seems to be a problem the majority of the entries suffer from. Some aren't lit well enough at all and the beauty of the fashion can't be seen.

This entry in the intermediate category is so gorgeous but it's difficult to see except in the last image where the pieces are turned inside out. The linings are fantastic. Layer upon layer - just like a real kimono with a truly modern, wearable twist.


In the professional category, the following entry is just stunning. There is very little 'kimono' incorporated but I would love this outfit for my dolls. Again, the photograph does not enhance the beauty of the fashion although the images submitted for the photography portion of the contest are lit much better.

There is no law against using the same color for the backdrop as the doll is wearing. It's the light and shadow that will make or break the photo. Photography is about light, not about color. Of course I'm coming from old school photography  -  film, darkrooms, black & white, etc.

Go to this page to see all the entries for this segment of the contest.  http://www.couturedoll.com/ch5.html

Poppy and Chip, Baby It's You Giftset

 Chip makes his debut in this giftset which depicts a prom scene. I don't collect male dolls anymore but I had to order this set to see this long-awaited guy. He comes dressed in a white dinner jacket and black slacks with suspenders. His shoes are very cool. If only there were a substitute for hooks and eyes. The shirt collar would lay flat and look better. Alas, no one is coming up with anything short of sewing the fashion onto the doll. And we don't want that.

What happened to his hair? There's a giant flap of glued hair sticking up. I don't think it's supposed to be this way.

Poppy's outfit is not my taste - neither the color nor the drapery valance skirt appeals to me. The artificial flower at her waist cheapens the outfit. I thought it was interesting that she came already wearing gloves and her rhinestone bracelet and earrings. Perhaps other Poppy dolls came fully adorned with their accessories but I don't remember.

Warning, you can't leave these two alone.


Regarding the Backordered Barbie Mermaid

Those who ordered the Barbie Mermaid in February/March of this year received a backorder notice with an approximate date of availability in September, 2012. That is not the worst part. You also have to contact customer service via email or phone in order to keep your pre-order active!

I've never heard of that procedure being implemented. Normally you would have to contact a company if you don't want to accept a delayed item.

The following information is from BC moderators.

Please note since revised backorder date is over 30 days, to insure your doll is kept on order please contact customer service at  1-800-491-7514 or email customerservice@barbiecollector.com. Be sure to include your order number, name, mailing address, and the Mermaid doll item number W3427. 

According to Mattel this is a Federal Trade Regulation policy:

It is an FTC regulation that BC is required to have customers confirm they still want the doll. I suggest you check out  http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus02-business-guide-mail-and-telephone-order-merchandise-rule where it states:

"If you cannot ship the merchandise by the definite revised shipment date included in your most recent delay option notice, before that date you must seek the consent of your customers to any further delay. You must do this by providing customers a "renewed" delay option notice. A renewed delay option notice is similar in many ways to the first delay option notice. One important difference: the customer’s silence may not be treated as a consent to delay."
If you do not contact customer service, 
your order will be
swept away
washed away


Hypnotic Antoinette

I caved and finally got Hypnotic Antoinette. I've had her fashion for a long time but she kept being put on a back burner and I couldn't find a nude at a decent price. This time I found a dressed one at a fair price and I was able to sell the outfit.

Here she is modeling Gene Marshall's Spotted in the Park. This outfit is from a dressed doll and, as far as I know, came with only one black dog. Mine came with a white dog, too.  I purchased the fashion from the late Ben Grundfast's  estate. The shoes are Antoinette's own.

Note added on April 17, 2012:
I've been told that these dogs are originally from a separate accessory set. They are called Dottie and Dashiell. What became of the original poodle, I have no idea. I think these are supposed to be Scotties.


New Monogram Doll: Admiration

This doll gets a 10 out of 10. Everything about her is perfection from the hat to the shoes. The design and construction are absolutely top notch. I love being able to say this about a doll and I am so happy she is mine.

She is still available at two dealers and possibly more but most dealers are sold out. If you love gorgeous fashion and beautiful dolls, you might want to get one now. $160.

Ultra-Fashionable Scene by Mike of Mike's Creations

Look at the details in these photographs! Amazing, right? I have spent the last 15 minutes looking over and over at this setting. The dolls themselves are gorgeous as Mike has a fabulous collection of stunning gals. The clothes are stunning, the props are perfect. What a joy.
Mike's caption for this setting is

 "Carta putting finishings touches on her collection & these frustrated models are not helping!!"

Be sure to click on this one to see the entire scene.
Mike posts on Prego as laughon45. His website link: Mike's Creations.

If you would like to see the original post on Prego click here.