Ultra-Fashionable Scene by Mike of Mike's Creations

Look at the details in these photographs! Amazing, right? I have spent the last 15 minutes looking over and over at this setting. The dolls themselves are gorgeous as Mike has a fabulous collection of stunning gals. The clothes are stunning, the props are perfect. What a joy.
Mike's caption for this setting is

 "Carta putting finishings touches on her collection & these frustrated models are not helping!!"

Be sure to click on this one to see the entire scene.
Mike posts on Prego as laughon45. His website link: Mike's Creations.

If you would like to see the original post on Prego click here.


  1. Really nice!!!
    It's important to know how to manipulate correctly the dolls to make photos like that!!
    This was absolutely well done on this job.
    For that is so precious the result!!
    Great Post,Terri!!!

  2. What a huge set up... I love to see this kind of photo and get lost in the details like.... forever!! =)

    (that is why I am a huge fan of Cindy's and Georgia's Flickr photostream, even though they are all about Blythe dolls: