CDDC Challenge 5 "Say Konichiwa to Fashion"

The current challenge is to take the idea of the traditional Japanese kimono and couture-ize it.  It's a great (and easier) challenge as it relies solely upon the contestant's own creativity without having to incorporate or interpret the styles of other designers or eras.

The ranks of contestants has thinned.
In the beginner section, I like this one because it's modern-looking with distinct traditional Japanese motifs and accessories.

The image suffers from uneven lighting which seems to be a problem the majority of the entries suffer from. Some aren't lit well enough at all and the beauty of the fashion can't be seen.

This entry in the intermediate category is so gorgeous but it's difficult to see except in the last image where the pieces are turned inside out. The linings are fantastic. Layer upon layer - just like a real kimono with a truly modern, wearable twist.


In the professional category, the following entry is just stunning. There is very little 'kimono' incorporated but I would love this outfit for my dolls. Again, the photograph does not enhance the beauty of the fashion although the images submitted for the photography portion of the contest are lit much better.

There is no law against using the same color for the backdrop as the doll is wearing. It's the light and shadow that will make or break the photo. Photography is about light, not about color. Of course I'm coming from old school photography  -  film, darkrooms, black & white, etc.

Go to this page to see all the entries for this segment of the contest.  http://www.couturedoll.com/ch5.html


  1. I have always loved these Asian styles. I even have my own "Memoirs of a Geisha" moment when I dressed as a Geisha in a kimono my Dad brought back from Japan after WW11.He loved Japan and wanted my mother to move there with him.

    1. What a lovely memory! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Go back and look at the HAT on Contestant 8's entry..Very innovative and a great nod to traditional Japanese theatric arts.I think I like this entry best in the Intermediate category because of the color combos and details.

    1. I agree with you completely! The hat is delicious. Contestant 8 certainly fulfills the contest's requirements. I did not find the colors to be appealing, however, of the total look. There are many details on other entries that were wonderful. If I commented on all of them, the blog would go on forever!