Regarding the Backordered Barbie Mermaid

Those who ordered the Barbie Mermaid in February/March of this year received a backorder notice with an approximate date of availability in September, 2012. That is not the worst part. You also have to contact customer service via email or phone in order to keep your pre-order active!

I've never heard of that procedure being implemented. Normally you would have to contact a company if you don't want to accept a delayed item.

The following information is from BC moderators.

Please note since revised backorder date is over 30 days, to insure your doll is kept on order please contact customer service at  1-800-491-7514 or email customerservice@barbiecollector.com. Be sure to include your order number, name, mailing address, and the Mermaid doll item number W3427. 

According to Mattel this is a Federal Trade Regulation policy:

It is an FTC regulation that BC is required to have customers confirm they still want the doll. I suggest you check out  http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus02-business-guide-mail-and-telephone-order-merchandise-rule where it states:

"If you cannot ship the merchandise by the definite revised shipment date included in your most recent delay option notice, before that date you must seek the consent of your customers to any further delay. You must do this by providing customers a "renewed" delay option notice. A renewed delay option notice is similar in many ways to the first delay option notice. One important difference: the customer’s silence may not be treated as a consent to delay."
If you do not contact customer service, 
your order will be
swept away
washed away


  1. Confused in NY4/17/12, 2:49 PM

    Funny Integrity just advised they cannot ship there Rock and Roll wedding set till sometime in May, we ordered these December 2011, so trouble in the doll factory in China?

    1. It's not unusual for Integrity Toys to issue a doll and get orders and then have them made. This may be the case with the R&R Wedding trio.

  2. What the heck? That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard. They must have completely oversold the doll!

    1. Perhaps they didn't expect to sell as many as they did. I was surprised to see it sell out so quickly as well.

  3. I would consider it a great favor were an order for this over-priced monstrosity to be cancelled...but that's just me.

    This doll defines the word "hideous."


  4. What Amazon will do is send an email asking the customer what they want done when an order is delayed. I've never heard of canceling an order without checking with the customer first.

  5. Hello from Switzerland ;o)
    I received a letter with the same message this last year ( I don't remember for which doll ) and I already was surprise by this method !!!?! If you forget to CONFIRM your order, it's cancelled with no questions GOSH !!!!

    I think effectly the manufactures have some problems, I received yesterday a mail from Amazon.co.uk that they will not have the Monster High Rochelle Goyle and Jackson Jekyll and they cancelled my order for them with all their apologizes....

    Normally I hate the preorders, the dolls are very oftenly now delayed, so I prefer waiting the available dolls, but the exclus from the Club and now the Monster High become fastly expensive because they are immediatly sold out, and the prices are just unthinkable on eBay >..<