Poppy and Chip, Baby It's You Giftset

 Chip makes his debut in this giftset which depicts a prom scene. I don't collect male dolls anymore but I had to order this set to see this long-awaited guy. He comes dressed in a white dinner jacket and black slacks with suspenders. His shoes are very cool. If only there were a substitute for hooks and eyes. The shirt collar would lay flat and look better. Alas, no one is coming up with anything short of sewing the fashion onto the doll. And we don't want that.

What happened to his hair? There's a giant flap of glued hair sticking up. I don't think it's supposed to be this way.

Poppy's outfit is not my taste - neither the color nor the drapery valance skirt appeals to me. The artificial flower at her waist cheapens the outfit. I thought it was interesting that she came already wearing gloves and her rhinestone bracelet and earrings. Perhaps other Poppy dolls came fully adorned with their accessories but I don't remember.

Warning, you can't leave these two alone.


  1. Chip's giant flap of hair is forgiven, I think, with that last picture.

    I am waiting for these two and your pictures make me even more excited. Thank you!

    1. Is he supposed to have that flap of hair? I saw other pics with the flap. I thought it was just the glue coming apart.

    2. It sure looks like the glue coming apart. It's definitely odd. I'll let you know if mine has "The Flap" when he arrives. Poppy's hair looks nice, though--not flat on top or anything.

  2. Terri, my Chip had the beginnings of the hair sticking up like yours. Two things happened at the factory. 1) They slicked back a wad of long-ish length hair and meant it to stay slicked back ( and it isn't doing so) and 2) Chip was too tall to fit in the Poppy- sized box the set was shipped in. Not sure if your doll had this or if you noticed, but his neck was all bent and his head was hanging over to the side when he was tied in just to get him to fit!

    Use one of the good doll hair fixatives, or try to re-activate the factory " glue" with a tiny bit of water on your fingertips, and he will have FINE looking hair-- for a 60's teen.

    I've been posing all my IT dolls in their new room, and have noticed how differently the male dolls' arms and torso move compared to the girls'. They are stiff and hard to pose. The male bodies are bulkier with less room under the arms for clothing layers, especially. I think that's why the clothing has some " give" to it with widely spaced hooks and eyes rather than tiny buttons. I think this may be why the original Ken doll was stick thin. He was able to have wonderful clothng with the same intricate details as Barbie's because there was so much room between underarms and his legs,and he had a very tiny waist, when males don't .. A male doll sculpted like vintage Ken wouldn't be appealing now, of course, but his clothing could be tailored and very detailed with working buttons, zippers, etc. One of those trade-off things..

    Next, you are exactly right about Poppy's dress.. It's pleated in such a way as to bring back vivid memories of the extremely silly 80's style of opulent swag draperies, the color is fairly bright coral, and there is a fabric flower at the waist which doesn't seem up to IT's usual standards.
    However, dear friend, she is exactly like the promo photos we had of her with the small exception of the flower, which MAY represent her corsage from Chip. Back then, girls wore their corsages in their hair, at their waist, or on their wrist. The doll hasn't changed from what you pre-ordered, LOL. I laughed at her dress in the first promos,and still find it amusing.
    All in all, they are cute as heck and I hope you keep your set. :)

    Not sure if you bought Hansel, who shipped at the same time, but if you did, put Poppy beside HIM and take some pics. They are hilarious posed together!! Looks like the Zodiac Killer is lurking over and giving the side stink eye to Miss Teen USA 1965. Especially when compared to her with Chip. I love Hansel with Gretel, but he and Poppy are like a doll time warp together.

    I'm keeping my set, of course, and am still snickering over the " campy" factors in her dress and his big wave hairstyle which probably had a name back then. I'm not entirely sure the over the top details were accidental. IF anyone other than Buttry had designed them, I would think one of the designers copied their parent's prom pic for fun..

  3. That flower looks like something the Joker would squirt water out of! Love Poppy, although I will probably sell the dress and have her hair redone. Not sure about Chip; the hooks didn't show up as much in the promo photos and the hair was not flapping in the wind either. Although the doll is handsome, he just doesn't have the charm of Poppy. He does have a rocking' bod though - I'll grant him that!

  4. My Chip also has the "flap" hair,and I don't think that was the intent.And Poppy's rose/ribbon! I really had a laugh with this one,it seems so out of scale.As soon as I took her out of the box,that was gone,and it really helps!I really like Poppy's hair,and her coloring.And Chip is cute.