2019 IT Convention: The W Club Luncheon NU. FACE Offerings

Here is some text from the email that came with these photos:

"Here at the W Club, the W Club luncheon is always the highlight of the convention for us, as it gives us a chance to connect with and thank our members!
This year was no exception and Club members were thrilled to see the Paris Runway Giselle Diefendorf centerpiece doll walk the catwalk and were ecstatic to receive the NYFW Karolin Stone doll just for attending! Both were designed to celebrate the Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Week by Jessy Ayala!

Then, Carol Roth hosted an informative Q & A panel on stage with the Integrity Toys design team, where Club members' burning questions were answered!"

IMO, the convention team should be connecting with the members throughout the event. They should be thanking each and every one of them big time for shelling out their money and supporting their business. I never understood why collectors thank the designers. That's backward. They're not doing it to make people happy; they're in business to make money.

Karolyn Stone was one of the most detested dolls when she appeared as the convention souvenir doll a few years ago. I'm not reading a lot of thrills on the boards; I'm seeing a lot of F/S posts.
Perhaps they're in style (somewhere) but the red vinyl pants are extremely unflattering to a doll who has a perfect figure.

As far as the burning questions, I wonder if anyone asked or wanted to ask about Roth's obnoxious post regarding the Obama's new home. There were plenty of burnt feelings when that came to light on the boards. What a joke she and her bullshit posts are. (I won't be winning any lottery offerings anymore.)

2019 IT Convention: Poppy Parker Luncheon and Fashion Bazaar

Poppy Parker Luncheon

"Today began with more shopping and some amazing workshops!
Then, guests were again welcomed to the ballroom for the special 10th anniversary Poppy Parker luncheon. An oh-so-cute Love is Blue Poppy Parker graced the runway as the centerpiece doll, who looked gorgeous against the backdrop of the matching ballroom! And, to make the event even better, all attendees were given the adorable Pink Powder Puff Poppy Parker doll!
After another fun-filled afternoon of shopping and workshops, convention guests got to mix, mingle, snack on some delicious appetizers and score some great deals while shopping from their fellow conventioneers, all set to the backdrop of the hottest music at the highly anticipated return of the Fashion Bazaar!"

There were many Style Lab Collection fashions. See below. There were also several basic Poppy dolls. Each was dressed in a simple pink bodysuit.

Edit: Rogier was kind enough to provide me with this photo of all the Poppy gals available at the event:

Here are the fashions, some modeled by the dolls above. They were available separately as were the dolls.


2019 Integrity Toys Convention

2019 Integrity Toys Convention

I'm posting groups of dolls right from the W Club emails they send. I've included the descriptions. No prices are listed for the salesroom or other dolls. Most of the dolls have already hit eBay. I'd wait as the prices usually fall after a while except for the most desirable dolls.

Official Welcome Doll:

First Official Event Offerings:

The Convention Collection:

The 2019 Salesroom Exclusives: