When "HandSpeak" Systems Go Wrong (Just for fun)

The Rudette wishes to be petted and is not sure what to do.
Couldn't resist.
Goldmine is wearing a Sybarite wig and a rhinestone bra and bikini bottom from Facets.

Picture of the Week Award (March 29, 2009)

A new weekly feature on my blog is to showcase a photo from another doll collector which I think is special. Browsing on Prego, I found the following photo taken by Vicky in Hawaii. I've never seen dolls pictured taking their own photo. It's clever and so well done. The composition and lighting are excellent! The dolls are Tonner's Jac and Sean.

Congratulations, Vicky!


Poem: A Doll Pays Her Own Way

Written by Canadian author and miniaturist, Diana Wieler. Diana is 1/2 of the talented La Boutique and Purse of the Month team along with sister, Janet Ellis.