Integrity Announces New Products

Members of the W Club received notification of the following Monogram dolls and an accessory pack:

This doll is called Discreet. Integrity says that is is based upon last year's doll, Disclosure. They are calling this one a companion doll.  $99.
Discreet on Left; Disclosure on Right (Integrity Toys Images)

Magnificent is a Dressed Doll who is wearing the same gown as the 2010 convention Smoldering centerpiece. The colors are different. This doll retails for $160.
If you don't have this gown, I recommend it. It's quite beautiful the construction is wonderful.
"Magnificent" (Integrity Toys Images)

The Accessory Pack includes the resin bust, wig, hat, handbag, shoes and jewelry. Retail price $75. (!)
(Integrity Toys Images)
An interesting addition to the W Club email was the announcement that Integrity would have a booth at IDEX. Sounds like they are joining the world of doll manufacturers. Will there be surprises? Will the W Club get all the information before anyone attending IDEX?  This is going to be very interesting.

Are you going to pre-order any of the above offerings?  I made a decision two months ago that my Monogram collection was complete and unless something amazing came along, I wouldn't be adding new Monograms. I'm going to try to stick to that! I'll let you know how that goes. LOL.

I did treat myself to a new Cissy. It was an impulsive act and I blame it on my friend Ana whose shipping buddy I am. She had me order a bunch of stuff for her last week from Two Daydreamers which I did. I also browsed their excellent sales and unfortunately I did not escape unscathed. I ordered the 21" Vice Cissy. She had been residing on my wish list for almost one year. I know I will love her when she gets here but she needs a poodle instead of that whatever that dog is.

Vice Cissy ~ Madame Alexander / Jason Wu

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a wonderful year.

May we all be healthy, prosperous and loved.
May our earth be on the mend even if it is getting warmer.
May our dolls not have wonky eyes or uneven hairlines.
May our doll stands support even the wobbliest of bodies.
May our ball jointed dolls hold their poses.
May our photographs be sharp and properly lit.
And may that money tree find it's way onto my property.


Feel free to use any of these free vintage graphic clip-art items found on the web.


W Club Registration for 2011 is Open

Registration opened for the 2011 W Club yesterday.  A beautifully put together brochure is available.
It is a PDF download. Check it out.

The Fashion Royalty upgrade doll is a tanned Kyori in resort wear. Images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys, Inc.
Rising Sun Kyori $90. Plus Shipping (Plus $50 W Club Membership)

Hopefully, the designers will have the factory improve the fit of the jacket which looks awkward and ill-fitting in the prototype. I like big jewelry but this piece does not lay properly on the doll. The shoes look wonderful! Why no fabulous handbag?

The other optional upgrade doll is a rooted Avantguard with a new sculpt.

Spring Kissed $160. Plus Shipping (Plus $50. W Club Membership)
 It was a jaw-dropping moment to see this doll's face. Was she a giant Poppy or a super tall Dynamite Girl? Are the Avantguards to join the enormous ranks of cutesy teenage dolls?
Avantguard Compared to DG Neve
The rooted hair was a surprise. The fashion is very attractive; I want it for other dolls.  It seems out of character in this sophisticated line. I wonder what the top and shorts look like without the jacket on. Following in the wake of Bijou, this doll pales (literally) by comparison.
Collectors have been asking for a new AG sculpt. Is this what they had in mind?

I won't be buying the Kyori but I'm undecided about the AG only for the fashion. It's a good thing that I have until January 21, 2011 to make up my mind.

On a different topic that's sort of related, those of us who joined the 2010 Gene W Club for a year got only 6 months. We definitely should be compensated in some manner.


Waiting For Mortimer

Here is one of my new Evangeline Ghastly dolls. She is called Waiting for Mortimer. The little creature with her is a 5" resin doll called Bella. She's a bat.
Waiting is such a drag.
We'll practice our ballet moves.
Bella is clingy.


Post Holiday Sales

A mix of sale items follow. These shops have many other items on sale as well.

Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
Regular price: $159.95Sale price: $79.95
In my opinion, the above are two of the worst-looking dolls ever created.

Regular Price $229.95  On Sale $149.99
Fashion Doll Agency Angelic Dreamz Exclusive Petra Doll
Excellent price.

LE 305 $65 Sale $35
TV Ginny (Modern Repro) Two Day Dreamers  Large selection of Modern Ginny dolls at reduced prices.

Price Was $224.99  Sale Price $99.99
Antoinette Doll - Emphatic LE 250  Marl & B

  Regular Price $44.95  Now $24.95
My Favorite Barbie Collection - Black Barbie 2010  - Amazon.com Seller 
Prices for this doll are all over the place. This is about the lowest around.

Was $599.95  Special Value $229.95
A Fashionable Life Cissy   the Toy Shoppe
This is the lowest I have seen this doll. It was originally, ridiculously overpriced. Look at that fashion! I want it. There are other 21" Cissy dolls at lowered prices as well.

Originally $59.99  Now $39.99
The Toy Shoppe   Effanbee (a Tonner Company) Silver Sensation Daphne  (Left)
Doll has the older AR body without bendy wrists. This was a very, very popular doll that sold out everywhere. They must have been hiding in a warehouse somewhere. She is gorgeous!

It's a good time to look around for sales as most companies will be introducing their new 2011 dolls in a month or two.