7-19-08 Valia Adore Arrives

The mailman just delivered Valia Adore. Of course I immediately ripped into the packaging and opened Valia's 'luxury doll' box and I am pleased. She's quite pretty as a brunette in her deep rose and black dress. I was undecided before about whether or not I'd debox but I will take her out. I'd love to know why the coat is wrapped like a bouquet. The original Valia had her lingerie wrapped similarly and I thought it was so the lingerie would not destroy the minds of young children, God forbid they saw a doll with lingerie in the same box they would all become sinners or worse, but now I don't think that was the reason. Anyone have an idea? Perhaps it was to make opening the package more fun. The act of pulling open a bow could cause waves of pleasure to course through your body.



All the posts prior to this one were transferred from my previous blog. There is no way I know of to edit the Blog Archive to show different dates so they all appear to have been created in June or July of 2008. The actual dates of writing each entry is in most of the titles.....just in case you were wondering.


6-20-08 Giselle

This dress came very close to being shortened until Giselle tried it on. She looks fabulous in green.
I think this is just about the prettiest and most delicate-looking of all the dolls issued by Integrity in the past two years. She is supposed to be Agnes' sister and the resemblance is easy to see. However, this one is much softer looking.

6-19-08 Most Desired Eugenia

Many dolls have shipped since my last entry. I will begin with Most Desired Eugenia because IMO she is the most perfect Eugenia to date. She is even better now than she appeared to be at FAO in February!

The pictures attached to this post show her redressed in a little white dress from SL Doll Fashion. Her lips, her hair and everything else about her put her at the top of my "I love that doll" list.

MD comes dressed in a big blue gown that is embellished with tubular beads of the same color. It's a stunning gown but could be worn by a pregnant doll. It's got pockets - here we go again with the pockets. All in all, it's magnificent but would be hard to wear in reality. She came with panties and a garter belt and stockings and the strangest shoes. They're not bad for a suit or other outfit but they are clunky and so not formal I wonder who made the decision to pair them with this doll and gown. Haute couture my foot. I will have to enclose a picture eventually.

The quality control on this issue was excellent. I did break an earring removing it from the card upon which it was sewn to last a lifetime. I was able to crazy glue it back together. Her hair is a fine quality and styled neatly. Her eyes are not wonky. Her lips are magnificent. I love her!

And if you're looking for one, I've got an extra NRFB! (Not any more as of 7/19/08)

High Tide Vanessa

This is odd. As Integrity raises the prices on their dolls every few months, the secondary market for older Fashion Royalty dolls gets larger with lower prices. Hmmm. If one doesn't mind being a year behind or in some cases, 3 months, one can amass a very nice collection at lower than retail. It sure wasn't like that when I started. High Tide Vanessa, a gorgeous doll, is selling for $80 NRFB! Oh well. At least the AFL's are holding their own. Really, that is the only Vanessa that is being treated as a discard.

These images show High Tide Vanessa dressed in the gown from the recently released FAO Natalia giftset. The snood was made by Marguerite (MarC).