Breathe New Life into Your Dolls with New Bodies!

When Integrity Toys recently offered AA FR3 bodies for sale, I purchased two although I didn't have an AA doll who needed a new body. Since then I've been hunting. Yesterday I received one of Jason Wu's first Adeles. She is Perfect Skin Adele from the 2004 Fashion Royalty line.
She came in a gift set with 5 (!) pieces of beautiful luggage, dressed in a faux leather outfit.
I had her back then, sold her and now I have her again with the latest body. It's just like having a brand new doll!
She is modeling Veronique's "Full Spectrum" dress, a La Boutique bag and jewelry by Joy Jarred.

The original body had arms that did not bend, a large bust, tiny waist, little feet and lots of problems with longevity. Silkstone clothes are perfect for the old body, BTW. And if you have fashions from the early FR days, you can conversely use them for your Silkstone dolls. Very useful.

Below image of the original gift set was found on a database with no attribution. Thank you to whomever took the photo.