Lana Turner "Iconic" Ships

Yesterday the re-sculpted Lana Turner Hollywoood Royalty doll arrived at my door. It didn't take very long before I was ripping into the package to get at her. I love the new box in which she is packaged. It's a window box. I'm sure those who do not debox their dolls are thrilled. The box can sit on a shelf and you can see the doll right through the window. At first, I wasn't thrilled with the appearance of Iconic. She looks bald wearing the head wrap. Today I redressed her in a gorgeous red beaded Ovaz gown and I fell in love. She is magnificent, classy and aloof-looking. I am very pleased with her and I recommend the purchase of this doll to those who may be undecided. She is selling for $89.99 which is bordering on the extreme end for such a basic doll, but prices for everything are rising and that's where we are today unfortunately.

Photo is the property of Integrity Toys and used by permission. My own pictures will appear soon.


Gothic Dream Misaki Doll Collection

Photos of the new Misaki line were published today. Up first we have "Pure Evil Misaki."
Personally, I don't see the evil in that blonde hair, white costume and sweet face. She looks like an angel playing ringmaster. However her baton is black and silver and maybe it is an evil baton. ;)
I love the look of this doll. To me the edgy styling of the premier Misakis has returned and that's a wonderful thing. This collection will be wildly popular.
This is Witchie Witch Misaki. Who named these dolls? I love her hair - again it is reminiscent of Tokyo Here We Go. The boots are great-looking. The outfit - OK.
This is The Outsider Misaki. He or she is wearing a fabulous coat over jeans that are embellished with a wraparound knee strap and big cargo pockets . He or she is wearing a white shirt and a tie. I'm guessing it's a male figure but...I could be wrong. I could live without the blue/black hair but I suppose it ties in with the Gothy look. I don't see this doll as being dressed Goth, however. It's just a really sharp outfit a kid might wear to school.

All Images are courtesy Integrity Toys, Inc.