Part II Summer Project, Continued

June 18, 2019

Elise "J'Adore La Fete" 2015
Wearing original gown from gift set.

Elise "On The Rise" 2014
Wearing "Sheer Bliss"


June 17, 2019

Elise "Midnight Star" 2013
Wearing Anika Luxottica's dress.

Elise "Hair Workshop" 2013
This doll was available at the 2013 convention to those who signed up for the workshop.
She is wearing a blue jumpsuit that came with Lana Turner "Portrait of an Era." Handbag is from another IT fashion.


June 16, 2019

Elise "Escapism" 2012
Wearing OOAK Cholo Ayuyao. Cholo won first place in a design contest for this creation. I was lucky to be able to buy it from him. This doll has been wearing it ever since.

Elise "Engaging" 2011
Wearing Antonio Realli


June 13, 2019
I cheated a bit because it was raining outside. These photos were taken indoors using natural light.

Left: Elise "Most Wanted" 2011
Gown by K
Jewelry by IT

Right: Elise "Dark Swan" Reroot  2010
Gown by K
Jewelry by IT


June 11, 2019

Elise "Escapism" 2012  W Club Centerpiece
Original Fashion

Elise "Flawless" 2011
Gown by Antonio Realli.
Jewelry from Vanessa "Poesie Sans Coleur"


Kingdom Doll Atelier Fashion, Bluebell

I have chosen Electra to model the latest Atelier fashion from Kingdom Doll.
The first four photos are iPhone made.

The gown was created by Amanda. The jewelry by KD jeweler, Mike and the wig by Ilaria. Shoes by Alexandra.

 I did not have the gown on correctly! The front of the gown should rise up so one can see the ankles and feet. There is an additional skirt inside I was supposed to put the doll into. Sigh.
I do have it right in the following photos.