Kingdom Doll Eira

I have one word to describe Eira—PERFECT.

The only problem I have with her is when I put another doll alongside they pale by comparison.



Guest Review: "Odds Are Stacked" Gloria Grandbuilt from Integrity Toys

"ODDS ARE STACKED" Gloria Grandbuilt
Text and Photos by Michael Basala

The first doll in the Katy Keene collection to arrive is ODDS ARE STACKED Gloria Grandbuilt [sic]. Let me begin by saying my biggest and only issue is Integrity misspelled her name. It is Grandbilt like Vanderbilt. I am surprised that being an Archie Comic's licensed product the name is spelled wrong. I only know about the early Katy days and maybe they changed the spelling when they brought Katy & Co. into the 80's.

I will come right out and say it.... I love this doll. I do wish Integrity had used a body besides Color Infusion but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. As much as I would like, I doubt she can share clothes with Lana Turner, Mini Gene and Victoire. Her legs seem very long!

I think she is lovely; beautiful with just the right amount of snobbishness to be Katy's frenemy. A few people on doll boards have noted a resemblance to Madonna from her Dick Tracy era. I can see it.

The fashion is based on a 1949 Schiaparelli suit and is fabulous! I would have preferred IT used a different veiling for the hat. It is pretty netting but too heavy for this use. I have tucked it under for pics because you couldn’t see her face with through it. The accessories are all top notch. She comes with a magnet pin which makes me happy!!! No more holes in doll clothes.

I was ready to rate this doll a 9 out of 10 when I discovered an unexpected touch to her suit construction; the jacket and skirt are lined in leopard print fabric! Just what I would expect from Gloria!

I preordered three dolls from the Katy Keene collection; Gloria, the gift set Katy, and Lorelei. The 1980’s Dynasty Katy does not interest me but I seriously may purchase "Blue Serenade" Katy in the future.

This line has not sold out so I am guessing it is not very popular. I don't know why but I know many people do not like the Color Infusion body. Katy Keene fans have said the dolls are too much Fashion Royalty and not enough like Katy & Co as they appeared in the comics. It doesn't bother me. I see it as an interpretation. I am more interested in the fashion and being a fan of vintage couture, for me, this collection is a winner right out of the gate.

"ODDS ARE STACKED" Gloria Grandbuilt - 10 out of 10 - An unexpected joy!

Gen-X Precious from Superdoll

I adored her fashion, her accessories and her hair. The spousal unit thought she was scary looking. I didn't care until I stood her next to Eira and her head looked enormous. I was cured of wanting to keep her at that moment.
Of course, many dolls will pale next to the beautiful Eira but this was different. Precious looked ridiculously out of proportion to her own body. Her head is too damn big. Maybe that's the point...big headed, egotistical, rebel princess.