Gen-X Precious from Superdoll

I adored her fashion, her accessories and her hair. The spousal unit thought she was scary looking. I didn't care until I stood her next to Eira and her head looked enormous. I was cured of wanting to keep her at that moment.
Of course, many dolls will pale next to the beautiful Eira but this was different. Precious looked ridiculously out of proportion to her own body. Her head is too damn big. Maybe that's the point...big headed, egotistical, rebel princess.


  1. I know what you mean. Both she and Cameo are standing next to Dione, and the difference is a bit startling. It does make Dione look even more delicate, and the Sybs have a bit of a drag queen vibe. Right now, I'm enjoying the contrast. The do look perfectly fine when not paired with other dolls.

  2. Her head does look rather big -- is it the same size as the older Sybs, but her body is a bit slimmer? Or is it just truly bigger?

    Love that handbag, it looks great!

    1. I don't know if it's the same.

  3. I am still not loving the faces on the new Sybs. So blurred looking. I love their edgy outfits, except the leggings on this one kinda make her legs look weirdly stocky.

    Not like I could get one anyway- they have been just FLYING out of stock- I'm sure Superdoll is very happy with the success of this line.