"Shimmering Dynasty" Katy Keene Doll

There's so much truth to the statement, "When it rains; it pours." Yesterday we picked up nearly 50 artist dolls we'll be selling on consignment. Today "Shimmering Dynasty" Katy Keene and Sybarite "Precious" arrived.  Tomorrow  Kingdom Doll "Eira" is due to arrive and I believe "Midas Touch" Poppy is due very shortly.  A new microwave oven is on it's way to be installed this afternoon and we're meeting with our real estate agent tomorrow for the second foray into the housing market this week. I'm trying to stay calm. I only go crazy when tornado warnings are issued which seems to be almost every week lately in addition to torrential rain and lightning. I need a vacation...but I'd probably be bored to death.
Wait...I forgot one thing. My graphics card dropped dead on Sunday night. Off to the Apple Store I went to have one of their geniuses check it out. Luckily for me there will be no charge to replace the card because there has been an issue with this particular card. Yay. But I'm using a dinky old laptop without Photoshop. The things we become accustomed to....

Anyway, let's discuss Katy Keene. For the first time (for me) from Integrity Toys, the inner doll box was wrapped in tissue paper—just like a Silkstone doll. That was a nice touch.
The box is very attractive with it's KK graphics inside and out.

The gown is exactly as shown in the promotional photos. It's lovely and I hope it fits my other FR dolls.

I'm not a big fan of the painting of this sculpt. It could be beautiful if there were shading but that's not going to happen. I have said it before...Katy Keene should have been created to look like vintage Katy Keene, not a distant relative of Jem who owns a comb.

KK shares Jem's sculpt but not the wild hair.

It would have been appropriate to have cartoonish screening without shading in that case. Just slapping a name on a doll does not mean anything. The graphics on the box are the only authentic Katy Keene thing about this doll.

I had to give her a chance because I loved Katy Keene when I was a child.

Her hair is separated into three distinct curled, uber-gelled segments. It is not a cohesive style. That is the only defect and it's a result of a poorly trained or poorly instructed factory worker.


  1. Oooh- I love the box. I ordered a couple dolls although they are not in yet I guess.

    I believe Katy Keene shares the "Rapture" sculpt (also a Jem doll) - one of her friends (Lucki Red Lorelei) has the "Jem" sculpt.

    All of my most recent dolls from Integrity have been tissue wrapped so maybe that's a new thing for them.

    1. I like the tissue better than the plastic.

  2. "not a distant relative of Jem who owns a comb." OMG!!! That's the best think I've read on this blog in a long time, Teri!!!

  3. The Poppy Parker dolls come wrapped in tissue too. I really like it. I agree it is better than the plastic.

  4. Sounds like it's pouring indeed, wow! :) Can't wait to see your first pictures and impressions of Eira. Mine arrived on Thursday and she's gorgeous. I forgot she came with extra hands -- a great surprise!

    Katy looks lovely, hopefully her bad hair day is manageable :)

    1. I'm happy to report that I found a buyer for the nude Katy doll. Her gown fits the FR2 body. The shoes, however, are like boats.

  5. Do all of the dolls in this collection have the leopard bikini on the inside of the box or is it just this particular doll?