New Service: Replacement Resin Ball-Jointed Bodies

Dalila Meece posted about replacement body service she is offering to collectors on Prego. I was intrigued so I asked her to talk a bit about her doll background and work.

... he is my own design. About four years ago I was doing mostly repaints, outfits and shoes of all sorts for mostly Tonner size dolls.  I was thinking one day how cool it would be to design my own.  I had never tried it before and it looked like a good challenge.  So I set my mind to it and created my own doll. After a couple of tries along came my guy.

 I really wanted to create a doll that I thought others would enjoy. be more inter-changeable, and have more maneuverability than Tonner's  Matt.  Over the past year I have made some small adjustments to him, including a total of seven different facial sculpts.  I designed him so that a person could interchange his sculpt with ease depending on what they wanted to do with him and the mood.

When Maril asked me if my doll's body would fit a Tonner Matt or Sean head. I leaped at the chance to find out if it would work or not. Matching the skin tones was a little tedious but once I got it right I made sure to write down the recipe for it.
Tonner Head on Resin Body
My doll background came from my hubby's aunt. She loved dolls and when we would go visit her I would get lost in her world of dolls.  I never really collected dolls myself, but have always wanted to. Part of me loves the fact that when I create something, thank goodness I got my father's artistic genes, it will go to someone who loves it so much. What had started in 2005 as just a part-time venture to help supplement our family has turned out to be a larger and much more rewarding small business.

I have attached some pictures of my BJD, repaints and fashions.  Much more pics are here http://daliladolls.deviantart.com/gallery/

 Dalila on the replacement body:
It took me a while to figure out the coloring cocktail but when I did figure it out, I thought it matched well. I used my BJD's body for the project. One thing I did notice is that in natural daylight it matched perfectly, but sometimes under electric lighting it looked a different shade, but not off that much. I think it is just how the lighting reflected it.
The neck size is a perfect match for Matt heads and the body is made to wear Matt size clothes and shoes.
If anyone is interested in something like this please let me know. It is $300 plus shipping.

 There are so many female BJDs out there but the males are few and far between.  Some of Tonner's men would really benefit from one of Dalila's hunky bodies!

You can contact Dalila directly at daliladolls@hotmail.com.


My Ficon Gals and Brunel Visit the Parlor

I finally finished repainting Caroline's Parlor. It was not fun but definitely worth it in the end.
I used two shades of gray matte finish and semi-gloss white paint.
The window seat cushion is just temporarily wrapped in a scrap of upholstery fabric. I need to make a well fitted cover for that. The curtains will have to go as well. I'd like something more formal.
For the picture over the mantel I printed out several Matisse pictures I found on the internet and picked the one that I liked the best to go in this frame. I attached it to the wall using self-stick velcro squares.
My window view is the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. I loved it because of the cherry blossoms in the foreground in spite of the fact that there is no building that would have this view at this scale.

Furniture is Horsman. The fluffy white rugs are an Integrity Toy's product from long ago. 

The big issue with using a set with lots of verticals is perspective distortion. There are tilt-shift lenses that can automatically correct for this. I don't have one so I attempt to do the correction in Photoshop.



Brunel wanted to show off her new Chanel handbag

so she invited the Ficons for a parlor warming party. They don't get along very well.

It's not your turn to hold him yet. Go away.
Where's the food?
They all wanted to play with the dog; he was the hit of the party. No one paid attention to Brunel or the new parlor at all.

They finally left and Brunel got the puppy all to herself.

 The End of a dumb story.


First 2015 W Club Exclusive Multi-Headed Poppy

The first 2015 W Club exclusive doll has been announced. She is called "Mood Changers" and is a Popppy Parker Gift Set.

Many of you know that I do not collect Poppy dolls. I do, however, try to be neutral in my approach to reviewing them.  My first impression was that this was a very cool set for Poppy collectors. The three looks are very different from each other with no connection or theme. My second and third look changed my opinion.
The pink and silver is a Barbie-disco look. I would dress Barbie in it for sure. The 70's pantsuit is not something I'd put on a doll. It's too much of a costume—all kitsch and no class. The dress and bolero jacket are more classic and sophisticated.

This set comes with three interchangeable heads and three outfits. For $160. plus shipping, that's not  bad. Is it? Not if you love her. I don't know if the extra heads can be put onto other bodies but that would be really cool.

Here's the description from the ad:
"Poppy's first look is an elegant party dress in black satin with silver and black organza overlay. Glittering jewelry, a matching bolero jacket and black hose and shoes complete this "Jazzy" ensemble. Her hair is in a side swept low bun in a lovely shade of auburn and her makeup is in smoky shades of gray."
"The second look is a delicate lace pantsuit in a vision of sea foam. Satin trim details finish off this lovely look on Poppy. Her side parted raven wavy hair accentuates her stunning makeup in complementary shades of sea foam."
"The last look is a stunning pale pink mini dress with silver sequin trim. It's out there and it's fun! Completing the look is a smashing hairstyle in a subtle shade of lilac and pink makeup making for over the top goodness!"

 The accessories are minimal:
 They could have thrown in another pair of shoes and an evening bag for the black ensemble—a scarf for the pantsuit (instead of the stand collar) or a little hat or maybe disco booties. But that's the way things are now.

I'm pretty much done with companies that take deposits and don't produce a doll for months. I want to see the finished product before I lay down the funds. Read the following:
"Each gift set is made especially for you and the number of gift sets manufactured is based directly on the number of pre-orders we receive. So, for that reason, there are no cancellations and pre-order deposits cannot be refunded.
Please note that by pre-ordering this exclusive W Club item, you are agreeing to abide by these conditions."
So, give them your money and no matter what, you are paying. It's rare that IT dolls vary greatly from the promos. There are often slight variations but my preference is to pay for a doll and get her soon after.

There are so many members of the W Club at this point that no doll is truly exclusive anymore. IMO an edition of 50 or more is not exclusive. 

What do you think?

Superdoll: REBEL PRINCESS Generation_X

 Go for it now. There are plenty of them.  


After years in development we are delighted to present
our ALL NEW Vinyl formula. version T-5 sample.

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce

*please note different monitors may show colours differently.
*production may vary individually and from prototype shown.

Icy blue duo coloured eyes, arched for attitude brows in charcoal and black with shadow of coal and muted blacks. Lids in matte opaque grey. Lips the colour of poisoned apple.

Black wig bearing side parting, in a 'voluptuous' state; drizzling over one eye and swirling into waist length big loose curls.

Tonite was the big night…. The May Ball, and Venus had no intention of socialising with the hoipoloi, so she decided on her tiny 'shrunken' zip up cardigan over a twist front daisy print top. The shortest skirt in her vast closet, a black and white op geo weave and black panties! To beat off the chill, she wore 2 part hose (which are indeed a one piece), bearing garter belts in black. Adding that post punk vibe, she opted for her 'gold' multi stud belt as an accent.

Jumping from her palace window and sliding down silk sheets to her awaiting carriage, she held on tightly to her white 'kill the mouse' heels and her 'monster' carryall.
Society was having their grand affaire tonight, but this Princess is out on the town with her gurls!

Additional accessories: loads of black bracelets, her monogram V bling necklace her glittering taxidermy cat ear headband and of course her larger than life personality.
of course she comes with the following standards:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

Please alow 40 days and 40 nights for delivery
In stock and ready to be delivered
Price: £232.62 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Buying in the States? You will pay:
$354.32 in US dollars plus $60.17 postage

Ficon Doll Introduces Dione


That was my first reaction. What a face! What a body! And photographed by Mr. Talent himself, Cholo Ayuyao.

The web page says:
"Dione" has a new body and new head sculpt.
New body is more slimmer, natural, real than old ficon body.
New body size: 17 - 10.5 - 17
Shoes and wig size same with old fidondoll.

"Dione" includes doll, gown, inner panty, wig, shoes, doll stand..(not including extra hands parts and dressing ball parts)


 I looks like the wig is not fitting properly over her ears. I hate when that happens. That is the only part of this total package that doesn't appeal to me. Her face is gorgeous. The makeup is beautiful.

Price is $690. plus $50. shipping for a total of $740. US and she is limited to 20 dolls.

I want one but not now.



When it rains, it pours and it's raining dolls.

This is a month to be either without an internet connection or to be very wealthy.

The 16" resin BJDs that are announced to be released in May are going to make a lot of collectors happy...and some not so only because there are too many.

No additional information as those listed below are not yet for sale.

The photographs are so appealing.

Superdoll - Rebel Princess, Mansion

 Kingdom Doll - Eira

 Modsdoll - Spica

 Fashion Doll Agency

 Numina Doll - Sung

Jamieshow 20th Anniversary Gene Marshall


Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Show

Yesterday my husband and I dropped in on the Susan Quinian Doll & Teddy Bear Show which was held at the Clarion Hotel in Philadelphia. I know not to expect fashion dolls when the words "Teddy Bear" are in the title of a show; however, it's been my experience that it's worth looking at many different types of dolls. I enjoy chatting with the artists and seeing their passion and creativity.  Like most creatives, they love to tell you everything about their work.

Forgive me if you are a teddy bear lover because I'm not. They're cute and cuddly but I see them as toys in spite of the fact that gifted artists are creating them like no teddy bear I ever had as a child. Yes, they're collectible, blah, blah, blah. So are baseball cards. 

Anyway, I present here some of the many photographs I took. I tried to get the artists' names in every case, not always successfully. Click to enlarge any image.

Michael Natoli with his Great Gatsby dolls modeled from polymer clay. The clothes were fashionable and fabulous. 

Adriana Esqueda - multi media dolls. Wonderful textural creatures.

These dolls had very expressive personalities. Sadly, the artists were too busy talking to each other to even look up at us as we stood at their display.

Mizzippi Dolls by Gabriella DeLawey.  https://www.facebook.com/mizzippidolls
Amusing and unusual personalities in these cloth dolls. So much fun to look at.

Lee Feickert's Golliwogs. http://www.dollshopsunited.com/stores/leefeickert/
I had a disturbing experience with this artist. When I saw the Golliwogs at her table I asked, "Aren't these dolls considered racist?" She looked at me as if she didn't understand English. I had to ask FIVE times before she mumbled some incoherent reply which I couldn't decipher. (She did claim to be wearing hearing aids whose batteries died - in perfect English.) When I got home I looked up Golliwog on Wikipedia.
The image of the doll has become the subject of heated debate. While some see the golliwog as a cherished cultural artifact and childhood tradition, others argue that the golliwog is a destructive instance of racism against people of African descent, along with pickaninnies, minstrels, mammy figures, and other caricatures, and it has been described as "the least known of the major anti-Black caricatures in the United States".[1] In recent years, changing political attitudes with regard to race have reduced the popularity and sales of golliwogs as toys. Manufacturers who have used golliwogs as a motif have either withdrawn them as an icon, or changed the name. In particular, the association of the golliwog with the pejorative term "wog" has resulted in use of alternative names such as "golly" and "golly doll".

I can understand collecting dolls such as this one if it's a vintage example for a historical collection. But why would a modern artist continue to produce these images?

Comic relief break.  This is the Wolf after it's eaten Red Riding Hood's grandmother. I liked the bed more than the animal. I guess wolves and teddy bears occupy the same strata at these shows.

Linda Ehrenfried  Charm City Originals
Speaking of fairy tales, who do you think showed up in innumerable ways at the show? Yes, Alice.
This one was very memorable as the artist incorporated the entire story into one large representation of Alice. Every character in the story is on or in Alice somewhere. A good part of her torso is an openwork teapot complete with tea party and mad hatter. The rabbit hangs on as well. It was fantastic - and large.
 Tweedledee and his brother, Tweedledum are the heels of her shoes!

Bing Ruiter: More dolls with personality and pizazz.

I guess I have to admit it. I did like a few of the bears. 

Deborah Canham: This appealed to me because of the little white one's hug.

Michelle Lamb - oneandonlybears.com
This was my favorite because it was a soft rose color silky furry creature with a pastel floral headband. This artist has many beautiful bears on her website. She also teaches.

Diane Keeler  http://dianekeeler.com/   Two of the most beautiful dolls there!

A little scary.

Saandi McAslan  https://mcaslan.bizland.com/
Intricate "Timekeeper Box" with all sorts of odd medical thingies inside including a doll who might be under a spell or dead. I didn't ask.

Sandi McAslan
Dystopian, post-apocalyptic dolls are not my cup of tea. I love science fiction in books I read - not in my dolls.


Finally - we'll end on a snotty note.

Are you familiar with Mr. Mucus from the Mucinex commercials?

I'm pretty sure the artist did not intend this green creation to remind anyone of Mr. Mucus. But it did.  
Believe it or not...there are actually mucus plushies.   You probably didn't need to know that.

Oh, the things you can find on the internet.