When it rains, it pours and it's raining dolls.

This is a month to be either without an internet connection or to be very wealthy.

The 16" resin BJDs that are announced to be released in May are going to make a lot of collectors happy...and some not so only because there are too many.

No additional information as those listed below are not yet for sale.

The photographs are so appealing.

Superdoll - Rebel Princess, Mansion

 Kingdom Doll - Eira

 Modsdoll - Spica

 Fashion Doll Agency

 Numina Doll - Sung

Jamieshow 20th Anniversary Gene Marshall


  1. So many gorgeous dolls, so little... everything else! I am very tempted to try for the latest Sybarite, as I missed the last vinyl offering, and regret that. The latest Numina is also incredibly beautiful.

  2. Oh wow, I adore the Numina Sung. She is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing or I would've missed her entirely.

    1. I'm pretty sure you can sign up for a First To Know list at Paul's site.