Emma Jean's "Dramatic Entrance" Outfit

Described as a "simple black knit dress beneath a stunning rich and creamy coat trimmed in faux fur and a velvety collar," this is the one and only item from the Deja Vu line that I have ordered. I don't own any Deja Vu dolls but I fell in love with the look of this ensemble and rightly assumed that the roomy coat would fit any of my 16" dolls.

Modeling here is Tonner's Cami. The dress, which I don't show, is slightly on the tight side as I couldn't snap all the snaps. I did not put on the black hosiery and the shoes, although they fit, have a more of an arch than Cami's feet have.

 The large collar can be turned up.
On Cami, the hat is too large so a straight pin was used to take up the slack. If I had wanted to put the hat all the way down to her eyebrows, it might have been the correct diameter.

The ensemble really should have come with earrings. It wouldn't have been a big deal to make matching jet bead studs.

I like the construction of the coat but this very visible spot needs attention. Where is the other half of the triangle?

The promotional photo below doesn't look like my coat. I wonder if they are all this way. I need another triangle to replace the half that's there...or something.
Instead of placing the triangles this way, the appliques should have been shifted around so no triangle had to be halved. That's a design flaw. Perhaps the factory made the decision.

Here is what the shoes look like on Cami.

In spite of everything, I like the outfit and will be putting it on one of my BJDs.


Kingdom Doll Sculpts - So Far

Let's put the argument to rest regarding how many different sculpts KD has used.

This is not about opinion or personal taste. 
It's not about one's inability to distinguish between facial features. 

These are facts.

2014 - Novantae = Nelson, Brighton, Hadrian and Brunel (the four seasons of the sculpt before she was completely retired)
2014 - Brigantes = Brigantia (our limited edition sculpt)
2015 - Silures = Chaucer and Dauphine (The Paris exclusive doll)
2015 - Dubunni = Eira, she will also be used for Liberty in October. (The Kingdom Doll Event)
2015 - Selgovae = Soon to be released in July as Orbit.

You can see more photos on the Kingdom Doll site.


Thinking about my own collection, all of my Sybarites use the Venus sculpt. I don't think anyone looking at my Sybs would say they look alike in any way. My Fashion Royalty Vanessas have the original sculpt. It never occurred to me that I was buying dolls that looked alike.

We all like different things. I've tried many dolls that I just didn't bond with. I never disliked a doll because I didn't like the company. There was a company I really didn't care for. I have more of their dolls than any other in my collection. There is a company whose owner and employees I adore. I have a bunch of their dolls but rarely buy any now.

I don't take the attitude "Love me; Love my dolls." You don't like them, that's fine. But when someone goes on a campaign to diss a doll I may fight back.


Facets 13th Annual BBQ - Sunday, September 13, 2015

Yes, girls and boys, it's that time again. This year it's the 13th on the 13th!

Here's the invite from Marcia:

Hi all -
Summer is (almost) officially here and it's time to start planning the 13th annual Facets Doll BBQ!
I'm inviting area doll collectors (and any traveling ones) to come to my house in Matawan, NJ for a BBQ and doll party on Sunday September 13th starting at noon
Matawan is in central NJ, near exit 117a of the Garden State Parkway. It is easily accessible by NJ Transit trains from NYC or Newark.

It will be like the previous BBQ's with lots of people, food, dolls, sales, and more, but there are a few changes, so please read on...
I'll provide all of the food, and there is a cover charge of $15 per person and it must be paid in advance by PayPal (to applefrien@aol.com) or you can send me a check or give me cash if you see me beforehand.  Because of the number of non-paid no-shows I got last year, I need to require payment in advance this year in order to get an accurate head counting for food shopping.
I'll have a sales area set up in my basement - space is on a first come basis and is limited. If you are planning to bring things to sell, please let me know so I can estimate how much space is needed per person and try to get enough shelving/tables to accommodate. If you've been here before, you know the set-up. If you haven't been here before and want to sell, email me for more info. Of course, Facets will be set up for shopping, too :-)
In addition to shopping, we'll have door prizes, the infamous "free table", and lots of dolls to look at.
The "free table" is a table of doll related items that are extras, slightly used, unwanted, etc... It's a good way to get rid of those items that you think someone might want and you don't feel like putting on Ebay. If you have some things you'd like to put in, bring them. However, if no one takes them, you have to take them back or throw them out - they can't stay here! If you want to mail donations, LMK and I'll give you the address. I've already gotten some amazing things mailed to me!
If you want to see what the Free Table is like, check out pictures and Paul's video from last year:

Feel free to bring a doll for display. I don't have a theme - bring a favorite, a new acquisition, something you want to show off, whatever.

Contributions to the door prizes are appreciated.

If you need a place to stay in this area, I recommend the Woodbridge Hilton. It's about 20 minutes north of here and is more reasonably priced and nicer than the few hotels in the immediate area. If you are looking for travel mates or roommates, LMK and I'll try to help.

I hope you can make it to the party - it's a day of great fun, great dolls and great people :-) Email me to RSVP or ask questions. When you email me, I would appreciate it if you could put "BBQ" somewhere in the subject so I can sort out those emails.


P.S. If you know someone who might like to come to the BBQ and that hasn't gotten an invitation, please let me know and I'll invite them.

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Update 6/16/2015
Fixed it. It wasn't the template it was darn Firefox interfering with my life.


Aristocratic Baroness Agnes and Vice Effect Ollie

Two W Club Upgrade dolls arrived today.
Up first we have a pony-tailed blonde Agnes dressed in a belted summer sheath in a black and off-white print. The neckline has a very lovely gathered detail with a tiny button at the center. I really love the fabric and can't decide if they're butterflies or bows.
This Agnes doesn't look as miserable as most other Agnii. Her glance is straight forward. The color of the vinyl sets off her rosy cheeks and bright red lips. The eyeliner wings and the beauty mark are not my taste. I like the hairstyle with its pulled to the back side parted hair and only the slightest hint of a hair bump.

Her accessories include black patent spike heels, a red clutch purse, "gloved" replacement hands and large oxidized pewter earrings. I like them. They're small compared to these things.

Included as well is a black straw hat. I think it's a bit awkward looking. Does it add some positive quality to the ensemble?
When removing the dress I was very surprised to find that the straps which go over the shoulders are attached to the back of the dress with velcro. Has that ever occurred in a FR fashion? I don't think so. It lays flat so the look is good. The problem comes about when it starts grabbing the doll's hair it it's tiny velcro teeth. I hate that.
The clutch has a strap at the front which the doll can slip a hand into to hold. Yay. Finally. Ashton Drake used to use elastics & other devices which the doll could use to hold accessories. Very useful.

Vice Effect Ollie is one of the coolest 'homme' dolls produced by Integrity. With his light blue sport jacket, baby blue slacks, pink henley t-shirt, sunglasses, watch and ivory boat shoes he is dressed to kill or possibly to hunt killers.
VE Ollie is the very incarnation of the suave undercover detective, James "Sonny" Crockett,  played by Don Johnson on the television series "Miami Vice" in the 1980's.

The doll's hair is a bit too blonde but in every other respect, they look quite similar. I've got to get his hair down a bit. It's too thick and puffy and there is too much stiffener.
Ollie's jacket and slacks are constructed from beautiful fabrics with great details. He became a favorite immediately! The girls love him.

  Did you get either of these dolls?