Kingdom Doll Sculpts - So Far

Let's put the argument to rest regarding how many different sculpts KD has used.

This is not about opinion or personal taste. 
It's not about one's inability to distinguish between facial features. 

These are facts.

2014 - Novantae = Nelson, Brighton, Hadrian and Brunel (the four seasons of the sculpt before she was completely retired)
2014 - Brigantes = Brigantia (our limited edition sculpt)
2015 - Silures = Chaucer and Dauphine (The Paris exclusive doll)
2015 - Dubunni = Eira, she will also be used for Liberty in October. (The Kingdom Doll Event)
2015 - Selgovae = Soon to be released in July as Orbit.

You can see more photos on the Kingdom Doll site.


Thinking about my own collection, all of my Sybarites use the Venus sculpt. I don't think anyone looking at my Sybs would say they look alike in any way. My Fashion Royalty Vanessas have the original sculpt. It never occurred to me that I was buying dolls that looked alike.

We all like different things. I've tried many dolls that I just didn't bond with. I never disliked a doll because I didn't like the company. There was a company I really didn't care for. I have more of their dolls than any other in my collection. There is a company whose owner and employees I adore. I have a bunch of their dolls but rarely buy any now.

I don't take the attitude "Love me; Love my dolls." You don't like them, that's fine. But when someone goes on a campaign to diss a doll I may fight back.


  1. Faceups, skin tone, and hair can make a world of difference. It's like me in the morning versus me dressed to the nines. I look like 2 different people lol!

    1. Same here! I'm not very good at picking up which dolls are which sculpt for any of the various companies. But as long as the different combinations of makeup, skin tones, hair color/style are pleasing, it doesn't make much difference to me either way. But I certainly understand that sculpts can be very important to some collectors.

  2. Terri my point was not if Kingdom Dolls are the same sculpt.They are different I get that.They look similar to me.Deva,most Integrity and lots of others look the same to me as well.I am not involved in any conspiracy.My involvement in dolls online consists of ten minutes a day.My thought is if any critiquing is valid anything should be up for critique.Remember the little goblin you compared to the Mucus man.Thats okay?A hobby full of yes men becomes stagnant.

  3. All the KD girls are beautiful.....some more to one taste and some more to another. I personally find Brighton the only one who sticks in my mind for long.
    I hope they will expand their designs as time goes by to some more daring looks.
    As always love the blog
    Will C.

  4. We all have our own tastes and opinions.

    My two favorite KD sculpts are Novantae and Silures. It would be terrific to find a reasonably-priced Brighton one day to join my Chaucer.

  5. I have had to delete a few comments. This topic is now closed to any posts containing character assassination or verbal abuse.

  6. Such lovely photos- I really love all of their sculpts, and really appreciate that they keep coming up with new ones instead of re-releasing the same over and over with different fashions. I really like that they use different skin tones as well. Truly a remarkable doll company and amazing dolls. I hope they keep it up for many years!