Update on Emilia Couture Accessory Packs

In response to my review Emilia sent me a picture to show that the accessory dresses do indeed fit the [older] Sybarite dolls. I don't know if there is a size difference between older and newer Syb bodies. Mine are all the newer V3 body. I didn't have success with the green dress on mine possibly due to the fact that the neckline is smaller I didn't want to stretch out the dress too much. Sybarites have such large hips and chests. The dress fabric is quite stretchy and it is, of course, up to each collector, how they like their dolls' clothes to fit.

Emilia said:
I got a picture request of the Inamorata accessory packs on other dolls so here it is. I only have old Sybs and a Numina Devon to model them, but everything fits very nicely.
From left to right: Sybarite Inque wears Zebra, Numina Devon wears Peacock, Sybarite Raja wears Gramma and Inamorata Cherub wears Gramma dress and stockings matched with purse, shoes and belt from Krait.


Save the Date: Sandra Stillwell Presents "The Toast of Manhattan"

Sandra Stillwell has announced the date and location for her next convention. Here are some excerpts from her blog and a link to the post itself.

I've been hard at work on our 2014 convention, and I'm proud to announce that Sandra Stillwell Presents: "The Toast Of Manhattan" will take place August 7-10th at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, New Jersey! 
Imagine "The Toast of Manhattan" in exclusive salons and department stores on the most fashionable avenues of 1940's and 50's New York City -- in a private box at the opera, or opening night at the latest Broadway play --  dining and dancing till dawn at THE "most happening" club in town! Imagine award winning American designers and fashion icons gracing the covers and pages of New York's Vogue and Harper's Bazaar -- the height of fashion, their creations in as much demand as the latest from Paris.... Imagine....

Exciting things are being planned for "The Toast of Manhattan" -- the cornerstone of which will be our group tour of the Metropolitan Museum's "Charles James Beyond Fashion", the inaugural exhibition in the museum's newly renovated Costume Institute! The landmark exhibit, which features over 100 of the legendary couturier's most notable designs, will also include sketches, pattern pieces, fabric swatches, and partially completed works from Mr James' last studio in New York City.
Please RSVP as soon as possible if you would like to join us, as having an idea of how many to plan on for convention and the tours is a big help.

This not to be missed event will be limited to only 50 attendees. Registration will begin in Spring. Those on the RSVP list will be notified before opening registration to the public.

You won't want to miss all the fun and fabulous fashions that we have planned, so mark your calendars and make your plans to attend now!
 Sandra Stillwell Presents

"Venus Bringing the Arts to Manhattan" by Wheeler Williams, 1940's Art Deco, 980 Madison Ave, New York,
 Jake Rajs

The Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Review of Emilia Couture Accessory Packs

Emilia recently offered 4 accessory packs, a new Inamorata doll and a fashion. I purchased three of the accessory packs. They were $95. each but the shipping was extraordinarily expensive at $59.  which raised the price of each accessory pack to $114.67. The package was delivered by DHL a few days after I ordered it. I guess that was the benefit of paying so much. I could have waited as there was no rush on my end.
Each pack consisted of a dress, handbag, shoes, hosiery and belt. The dresses stretch and fit a few dolls other than Inamorata. They do not fit the Sybarite body or Tonner dolls such as Cami. I have seen the dresses on the Innoquii dolls. The shoes fit Sybarites very nicely.
The dresses have no closures and need to be pulled up over the legs. The hosiery must be pulled on first. They go up to the tops of the thighs. I had to fiddle with the hems on the dresses as they are sewn only at the back seam and just folded up.
The three images just below show the fashion on Integrity Toy's Tulabelle body. (Yes, the head is Avantguard with a transplanted body. ) Very good fit but with this color dress one can see the outlines of her nipples and all the doll's joints.
The shoes on a Sybarite doll:
Here's a little surprise. The dress is also suitable for an FR2 (12") body. I pushed it up to the hem length I wanted and the belt went around an extra time or two. I couldn't use the shoes, of course, but the handbag worked. The striped dress wouldn't do well on this body.
This is Color Therapy Vanessa (on an FR2 body) modeling.
I am pleased with my purchase. The individual pieces will be useful for mix and match in the future.
My one hope is that there will be a less costly way to ship from China.