Update on Emilia Couture Accessory Packs

In response to my review Emilia sent me a picture to show that the accessory dresses do indeed fit the [older] Sybarite dolls. I don't know if there is a size difference between older and newer Syb bodies. Mine are all the newer V3 body. I didn't have success with the green dress on mine possibly due to the fact that the neckline is smaller I didn't want to stretch out the dress too much. Sybarites have such large hips and chests. The dress fabric is quite stretchy and it is, of course, up to each collector, how they like their dolls' clothes to fit.

Emilia said:
I got a picture request of the Inamorata accessory packs on other dolls so here it is. I only have old Sybs and a Numina Devon to model them, but everything fits very nicely.
From left to right: Sybarite Inque wears Zebra, Numina Devon wears Peacock, Sybarite Raja wears Gramma and Inamorata Cherub wears Gramma dress and stockings matched with purse, shoes and belt from Krait.

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