Graphic Language Adele

Graphic Language Adele is one of the most popular and beautiful Fashion Royalty Adeles. She was issued in 2004 dressed in an argyle pattern sweater, black tights, black pumps with gold heels. Her jewelry was rhinestone studs and a pink plastic cuff bangle with a W monogram embedded with 3 rhinestones. She came with an adorable pink round travel case. GL Adele was the first Adele with the new Adele sculpt. She was on a straight arm body. One thousand of these dolls were issued at a retail price of $59.99.

In the photo above, Adele has been given a tall articulated body and is wearing "Sugar Plum" a Dressmaker Details creation. Believe it or not, I have removed two layers of this gown and it's still pouffy and huge. Unfortunately, the gown is being held closed with a safety pin because they were all made too tight for the large busted FR body. I bought this gown when it first came out and I just couldn't get over how much it looked like a crocheted or tulle toilet-paper-cover-doll that my students' parents would make for me at Christmas when I was a teacher. I returned the gown at that time. This time I got it at a very reduced price on eBay with the intention of cutting it down. It looks nice on Adele when she is seated like this.
Jewelry is by Bev Shahab.