Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction Sale

 Rudy Teruel of R&D Dolls has been organizing an auction event for the benefit of people who have suffered and continue to suffer as a result of the super typhoon in the Philippines. The auction will take place on December 15 - tomorrow.

Most, if not all, of you am sure are aware of the recent tragedy that is Typhoon Yolanda, or Haiyan Typhoon, as more commonly known in the West.  Said to be the worst ever Typhoon in the history to date, it struck the Philippines and left over 7,000 people dead ( with many more unaccounted for) and left millions of people with Nothing!  And I mean Nothing!  No houses, no clothing, no food, no livelihood...  Thanks to those who sent aid fast - from all over the world - people are getting some much needed help...  But as we know with something as devastating as this - much more Aid will be Needed for some time to come.

We, at R&D Collectibles, decided to do our share - and with the help of our many dolly friends worldwide - we will hold a Typhoon Haiyan Charity Auction / Sale come middle of December.  Now, we know that it means everyone will be in the midst of their Holiday preparations and Celebrations - but we do hope that you will take the time to look through and purchase something for a love one, family, friends or even for yourself!  It will just give your Dolly purchase a bit more meaning, knowing that your $$$ will help the victims of Haiyan Typhoon.
Collectors, designers and dealers all over the world have been sending in contributions which you can see at Rudy's site here: http://rnddolls.blogspot.com/
The dolls include Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Misaki, Momoko, DAE's Vivian, Evangeline Ghastly, Pullip, OOAK Monster High, Tyler Wentworth and more.

Be sure to check in at http://www.rnddolls.blogspot.tw/search/label/Haiyan%20Typhoon%20Relief on December 15th for the event.


Makies: 3D Printable Dolls

3D printing is pretty much a scientific mystery to me. I love a good sci-fi story so here is the information from the company called MakieLab.
MakieLab has developed a system of creating objects using game technologies – 3D Studio Max, Unity, 3D objects – and transmogrifying them into 3D-printable toys complete with internal working joints.
Which means = we can model toys then manufacture toys, overnight.
There are some limitations to this emerging tech, like the plastic is only available in porcelain white (although we can dye it), and it costs more to print objects in 3D than running off vinyl in the billions in China. BUT! The upsides are amazing: completely customisable toys. Toys that can be modified overnight. Toys made in Britain (ours are currently printed in London). Toys where you, the user, get to fiddle about and make something that suits you.
I went through the process of designing a doll.

 The order total came to £69.00 ($112.64) I may actually do this one day.
Check out their website for more products.  https://shop.makie.me/

Picture of the Day by Aquabluerose

Look carefully at this photograph of Madame V entitled "Holiday Cheer." I cracked up. Gerri is such a talented photographer.

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Ninimomo sent out an announcement featuring their creations for the International Pageant Collection 2013/2014
Miss Phillippines 2013 was priced at $900. and is sold.
Replica gown inspired by Michael Cinco, the Philippines lead couture designer.
Their website states the following:
ninimomo's 2013.2014 collection has arrived! our international collection consists of over 350 one-of-a-kind couture delegates representing areas of the globe. from africa to europe, the caribbean to the middle-east, each delegate reflects ninimomo's exquisite workmanship.  join the multitude of clients that have come to love, admire and appreciate true quality. a ninimomo celebrates each doll's ethnicity, individuality, cutting-edge style, hand-sewn beadwork and highest quality in artist dolls around.
Note: I did not correct the lack of capitalization as I think they think it is a cute thing to do since they do not capitalize the name of their business. 

I'm at a loss for words.
I won't write what I'm thinking either except the word lampshade comes to mind. 

JamieShow Holiday 2013

George of Angelic Dreamz and JamieShow introduced his 2013 Holiday collection yesterday.
The following image shows Natalie a dressed doll ($425.) on the left. On the right is a new outfit called Scheherazade. ($225.)

Check out this fabulous new wig cap. Available in black, platinum, dark red and brown it sells for $40.  Resin Gene is modeling the black wig below. She is also wearing black hands with glove extensions.

Red Glove Hands
These are available in black (above) and white (not shown.) $40 each.

Photography by George Gonzalez/JamieShow Doll.

Click here for the Link to JamieShow

New From Emilia Couture

Seraph Premium Inamorata Doll LE20 $699.
The 16" resin BJD Inamorata Seraph features the Inamorata Nnaji sculpt in Chocolate skin tone. She comes with an exclusive PattaArt hard cap wig cut shrot and displaying 3 flaming tones of hair.

Seraph wears a lingerie set of 2-tone silk layered with burgundy tulle and lace. The set consists of an underwire bra, matching panties with silk ribbon closures, an intricately cut under bust corset with an asymmetrical shoulder pad and a tulle tutu petticoat. The edgy look is accessorized by super long black snake leatherette boots with Art Nouveau Serpent heels in lacquer black. According to her angelic order Seraphim come with gold leatherette harness sporting 6 metal wings.

Seraph has brown eyes and a sultry look. Her make up has a black cat's eye eye-liner, reddish hues on her top lid and smoky hue eye shadow below the eyes, and wine red lips parted to reveal teeth tightly clenched together. Her applied lashes are medium length and nail polish is wine red.
Röntgen Inamorata Fashion  LE30 $199.
The Röntgen fashion consists of a pair of 5-pocket jeans in graphite grey and gold silk, black trico tank top printed with a 16" waist cincher corset and a T-shirt with an x-ray displaying the effects of the corset on human body. This commentary of beauty ideals is accessorized by black pair of leatherette ankle booties with golden Spiky Spine heels and a emiliacouture signature tote.

Accessory Packs contain shoes, purse, belt, stockings and a bonus dress - it's Christmas after all!
The colours available are from left to right: Krait, Zebra, Gramma and Peacock. The accessories fit most 15-17" dolls as the dresses are made of elastic trico and the shoes have soft soles that can be adjusted for different foot arches. $95 Each

The products will be sold through Emilia's website, 
on a first-come-first-served basis on 12th of December at midnight Paris time.
***NOTE: There may be some confusion about what day these are actually going to be available. Emilia's site says December 12 but that is European December 12.  So...check carefully on both days if the first try doesn't work. I've tried to reach her but she's en route from Finland back to China.
Midnight Paris (12:00 AM)  December 12 is the following time(s) on December 11 in the US.
Eastern 6PM
Central 5PM
Mountain 4PM
Pacific Time 3PM
Alaska and Hawaii are in different time zones.
You can Google a world clock to find out what zone you are in and how it differs from that of France.