Violett and Gabby by Doug James: The Sequel

I have gone to the source for the best description of the new Violett and Gabby dolls, Doug James himself. The proud Papa of these lovely new resin BJDs was at MetroDolls this past weekend.

Violett, the doll Doug is holding, was played with by me at the event. I found her articulation to be excellent. I actually put her on the table to see if her legs would support her body and she stood on her own. (Don't try that at home.) That is very important to me as a photographer. She can touch her face. She can cross her legs. She can put her hands behind her head. I think she looks a lot like Joan Collins - the young version. All she needs is some big hair and lots of jewelry.
Each doll is a limited edition of only 20 pieces! 

The dolls are $485. with free US shipping.

Here is what Doug wrote:
The new Violett and Gabby dolls are in many ways the same as the originals, they're 16 inches tall, they have have many points of articulation and  they can wear most of the clothing of other 16 inch dolls.  There are, however, lots of differences, too.  The new young ladies are a very high quality resin and they have 14 points of articulation, not 12.  Although the body is very similar, it has been resculpted and refined. They have a slightly smaller bust; their hands are more graceful; the painted eyes are just a bit smaller and more natural; their ears are more refined and in general there's more detail in their bodies. The resin  Violett and Gabby have light body blushing, French manicures and beautifully done hand painted faces.

This first edition of Violett and Gabby are "The Somers and Field Black and White Gala" Both girls are dressed for the London store's yearly black and white event which has a 1920's theme this year (1969.)   Violett has borrowed her Mum's Onyx bracelet and Gabby borrowed her Mum's double-strand pearl bracelet.  Violet wears a mini dress, very 20's, of black and white micro sequins and paillettes with black and white organza straps that wrap around and become a bow under the bust.  She has black and white earrings (her ears are pierced through the earlobe and out the back, not into her head) and 3 bracelets.  She has a small black velvet handbag and her sandal T-strap shoes are beaded with white and gun metal grey beads.  Her black Bob wig has a clear rhinestone clip at the side.  Both girls come with a custom clear plexiglass stand and authenticity card. Violett is available now.
Gabby, who is coming the beginning of the year, has beautiful caramel skin and brown eyes.  She wears a honey blond wig and has grey faceted drop earrings.  She wears 2 large bracelets and carries a black and white checked handbag.  Her 20's inspired dress has a white satin finish under dress with a black net overlay that is striped with tiny black sequins.  Her strappy shoes have black bows at the toes with a grey gem in the center and black criss-cross ankle straps. We are taking reservations for Gabby currently.

Alexandra Forbes has graciously taken several amazing photos of both Violett and Gabby and they're can be seen there as well as the pictures on the link to the dolls order page at http://www.ceddolls.com/gabbyviolett.htm


MetroDolls Event: Part III

John Davey is one of the most interesting characters you will ever hope to meet. He looks like a quiet, shy-ish guy but the minute he gets in front of an audience - woo hoo. He is funny. His presentation was about the vintage fashions from his collection that were displayed in a separate room connected to the ballroom. These were from well-known European and American designers and spanned several decades. But the best part of his talk was his story about trying on something. I could never hope to write the story the way he told it. It was a riot!

The souvenir doll an attendee could choose was either an Ellowyne or a Daphne. The photos below are Tonner's except for the boxed dolls.

The Ellowyne:

The Daphne:

I was asked if I won any auctions—I did not bid. Not that I wouldn't have liked a few of the possibilities. My favorites were Overwrought by Robbin Atwell, Cholo OOAK gown, Demuse by Nigel Chia, Gray Lady Gene, Laurie Lenz Paper Doll, JamieShow Gene "To the Manor Born" and Flutterwings by Shannon Craven. There wasn't a single one I did not like. I must say there were lots of bargains such as Emilia's Gres Inamorata which went for only $800. and Nigel Chia's Demuse which went for only $600. Many auctions ended well under $300.
Here are my notes on the ending prices. Reminder: you can click on any image to enlarge it.

I did purchase 100 raffle tickets and I won four separate pulls. The Gene outfits were one raffle offering. The Tiny Kitty dolls were separate and the Alex as Marilyn Monroe was another.  Thank you to the generous people who donated these.


That does it for the MetroDolls recap posts. Coming soon will be a mini review of Doug James' new resin BJD, Violett. I will also be photographing the MetroDolls outfits I purchased at the event and giving a little review. J'Adore Gene was hanging around without clothes so I tried "Smoking" on her. The pants and shoes fit beautifully. Unfortunately the jacket and halter neck top are way too big.
More to come.

MetroDolls Event Part II

As I posted yesterday, the main speaker at the event was Robert Tonner who talked about the design and evolution of the Deja Vu line. Unfortunately, the new dolls from that line were not ready in time for display. It was the second time I heard this presentation but apparently every time Robert tells the story, he gets funnier. I love his sense of humor.

Small selection of the Tonner display.

Sandra Stillwell Presents showed off her fashions from the recent Every Day's A Holiday convention and several fashions from prior conventions. These are all for sale or pre-order - dolls not included.

Paul Pham brought four stunning Numina dolls with him and was offering for sale a few accessories.

Angelic Dreamz - JamieShow displayed their resin BJD line and attendees could see the newest resin Gene on display as well. The exclusive Grace from the Madrid Fashion Doll event is in the black hat.

MetroDolls themselves offered many fabulous items for sale, two of which came home with me. (Smoking and Eventail)

Facets by Marcia had one of her "I want everything" displays to drool over...wigs, shoes, miniature books, jewelry, pins, furniture, accessories.

Shannon aka Flutterwing Designs showed some of her beautiful work. Not shown below, her auction contribution scored quite high on the bidding list.

Laurie Lenz displayed a few dolls.

Ed of Happily Ever After in Philadelphia brought a nice selection of merchandise including Integrity Toys, Tonner and more. You can see him and Marcia's husband (taking pictures) around the back of this sales table. I'm sorry, I did not get the name of whose table this top one was.
Another sales table.

Robin Atwell and Monica Cooper

Several MetroDolls club members displayed their Cholo Ayuyao fashions in a mouth watering display.

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