MetroDolls Event Part II

As I posted yesterday, the main speaker at the event was Robert Tonner who talked about the design and evolution of the Deja Vu line. Unfortunately, the new dolls from that line were not ready in time for display. It was the second time I heard this presentation but apparently every time Robert tells the story, he gets funnier. I love his sense of humor.

Small selection of the Tonner display.

Sandra Stillwell Presents showed off her fashions from the recent Every Day's A Holiday convention and several fashions from prior conventions. These are all for sale or pre-order - dolls not included.

Paul Pham brought four stunning Numina dolls with him and was offering for sale a few accessories.

Angelic Dreamz - JamieShow displayed their resin BJD line and attendees could see the newest resin Gene on display as well. The exclusive Grace from the Madrid Fashion Doll event is in the black hat.

MetroDolls themselves offered many fabulous items for sale, two of which came home with me. (Smoking and Eventail)

Facets by Marcia had one of her "I want everything" displays to drool over...wigs, shoes, miniature books, jewelry, pins, furniture, accessories.

Shannon aka Flutterwing Designs showed some of her beautiful work. Not shown below, her auction contribution scored quite high on the bidding list.

Laurie Lenz displayed a few dolls.

Ed of Happily Ever After in Philadelphia brought a nice selection of merchandise including Integrity Toys, Tonner and more. You can see him and Marcia's husband (taking pictures) around the back of this sales table. I'm sorry, I did not get the name of whose table this top one was.
Another sales table.

Robin Atwell and Monica Cooper

Several MetroDolls club members displayed their Cholo Ayuyao fashions in a mouth watering display.

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  1. Wonderful photos, Terri! I am so glad I got the absentee package, but oh--do I wish I were there! :)

  2. I think the unidentified photo has some of Katz Meow's designs...I think I recognize her guy doll clothes especially the Matt in the slightly sparkly black mesh outfit which I think is called Net One.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you for your ID. I'm surprised I got as much information as I did!

  3. WOW.. It looks wonderful. it was a esspecially feeling i think. A lot of dolls i would like to have.....:-)))
    The demuse and the numina dolls are my favorite and a of fashions.