JAMIEshow Mel Odom's "Poised for Success" Zita Charles

I did say when it rains, it pours and look what's on the horizon now - Zita Charles in resin from Jamieshow Doll. She is so adorable that I knew immediately I'd be ordering her.
Here is the description from the Jamieshow website:

Zita Charles Dressed Doll
“Poised for Success” was a frothy comedy in which Zita Charles, in a comeback role, was once again allowed to run wild with her comic flair. As the widowed owner of a modeling agency, her character “Vera Swan” spends her days playing cupid and trying to find suitable husbands for the girls in her agency, so she can “retire with a clear conscious”.   Depending on the famous Zita Charles ‘light touch’, it was a delightful exercise in mistaken identities and fast-paced, drawing room comedy.  Zita effortlessly reminded the American public of just how much they’d been missing her.

Zita wears a pencil slim, navy suit, featuring a shell pink, shawl collar and cuffs over a cream blouse, self bowed at the neck.  Her navy and cream, spectator pumps also sport jaunty bows and a veiled, portrait hat completes the chic afternoon look.  Her titian hair is tied in a soft curl in back and features the famous silver streak that became the trademark of Zita’s comeback films.  It was her one concession to getting older on film.

Zita is a 16" Ball Jointed Resin Doll, made and painted entirely by hand.
Made of our exclusive J-Resin® which is hypoallergenic.

Ltd Edition of 125
Pre Order Item
Shipping January 2016

To order:

Update on GENX body Problem

I was pretty upset with the overlapping vinyl on the left leg's knee joint. Ayal suggested an Xacto knife operation and I wasn't going to do it but I just happened to be near a nice sharp little slicer and I went to work on her. It was easy and I got the vinyl down to the point that it will not protrude from hosiery. It doesn't look exactly like the other leg but no one will know except me and about 3,000 of my readers. :-)

I received a lovely email from Joe Quinlan, Operations Manager at Superdoll. Apparently he tried to call my home but my NoMoRoBo blocks most unknown callers so he couldn't get through. At least that's why I think he couldn't get through. He did offer help via email if I wanted to go that route.
I wrote to him about the metal pin which is sticking out of the (same) leg and asked how to fix it.
He recommended the following:

I would recommend holding the leg down on a solid surface and applying pressure with a blunt metal object like the underside of a spoon, for example. Try and make sure the pressure is directly on top of the protruding pin at a 90 degree angle and the leg is as steady and secure as possible, this should just aid the pin into its intended position.  Warming the area up my also help if you are still struggling.

I have not tried it yet as I wanted to photograph my doll before undressing her again. I hope it works as I do like to put hosiery on my Sybarites. I have bad visions of cracking the leg altogether. Ugh. 

Many colorful comments have been made in my related thread on Prego and here on the blog about Superdoll. Let me just say this. I think their product is fantastic. No one makes dolls and fashions with the styling and daring they do. Is that the reason so many say nothing?

I love my Sybarites but..."if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." 

What product line is so important that you would keep your mouth shut when it is defective or if you are not offered a fix? This is the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome in action.

I have friendships with many doll manufacturers and I do care about them and their success. I want to see thriving, healthy competition in the doll world among designers and manufacturers. It's better for all of us.

It's only money - mine.

When It Rains....The Dolls Start Piling Up

Would you believe I ordered Perfect Reign Tatyana Alexandrova 7 months ago? She arrived today. So I open the box thinking it's Eugenia for some reason (CRS) and I'm wondering if they changed her sculpt. Then I looked at the name on the box. Well, this is the best looking Tatyana ever.

I always thought that her features were too coarse but she now has been adjusted to look like most of the rest of the FR line...vanilla.

Previous Tatyana's were spelled Tatyana.  Someone has a problem with i and y.
why does it say Dressed Doll Gift Set on the box? Am I missing something?

You know the saying about the left and right hands?

 Prior Tatyanas-she is no longer a dark, brooding character.

The Red Queen was pretty cute:

Superdoll: New Dolls with GenX.2 Body

Today two dolls debuted.


Dark Brunette wig of mohair upon her head, with eyes of fiery amber. Shades of red and liquid gold eyeliner surround her alluring eyes. Lips of dark apple red.
White organza and lace blouse against her skin and sequin black ventilated back opening jacket. Matching sequin trousers.
Formal touches are her Sado Masochist body harness with detachable 'leather' and cut-out embroidered sleeves. Ankle boots in weave and studded belts.
The perfect accessory, her VENUS 'diamond' stud knuckleduster!
She dons her bonnet of boned organza that frames her face in a halo of studs.

Bound by the vanity of another.... she awaits her sister's escape to Triumph over their capture.
Price: £259.20 (Excluding VAT at 20%) [About $386.11 USD]


Vibrant Titian wig of mohair upon her head, with eyes of poison green. Shades of black and iridescent blue eyeliner surround her vicious eyes. Lips of deceptive coral.
Nude mesh vine and thorn embroidered bodice against her skin trimmed in velvet flowers attached to her ever so luxurious velvet skirt form her delightful gown.Nude hose and nude petticoat.
Formal touches are her Dominating lace up patent belt with jeweled detail bearing midnight blue stone, she created from the tears of those she holds capture.. Patent navy ankle strap sandals.
The perfect accessory, her SD monogram AXE!
She dons her silver glitter mask in hope she escapes recognition.

Holding fast with her Axe and threat.... there is no escaping her!.
Price: £249.60 (Excluding VAT at 20%) [About $372. USD]

I guess the boxes won't say "sample" now that they've got the bodies right. 
They are now labeled GENX.2 and the skin tone is called Cosmetique.
Both dolls:
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)
In stock and ready to be delivered

They are very edgy, interesting and attractive. If the 2015 dolly dollars weren't all earmarked already, I'd order Midnite. I like her makeup palette and fashion. 

I will be posting an update about the body defect issue I posted previously.

W Club 2015 Exclusive "J'Adore La Fete"

The final W Club 2015 doll has been announced and fortunately or unfortunately I have to order one.
It's an Elise Jolie gift set in a trunk, reminiscent of Fashion Royalty Kyori Ginza who also came in a trunk like this. I still have Kyori's trunk stuffed with story cards and COAs. 

The edition size will be enormous, I'm sure, as it's based upon how many the members order and there are a lot of members. Unfortunately it won't be ready until late spring or early summer of next year.
The price is $175. which isn't bad for a doll with three outfits: a gown, a suit and lingerie.

The gown looks black but it's dark wine with black trim. I love the suit.
I hope the quality exceeds our expectations.

 (I'm spelling her name with an 'i' no matter how many times it's changed.)


Disappointing Sybarite Gen-X Body

I finally deboxed a Gen-X Sybarite doll and to my dismay, I've discovered a defect in one of the knee joints. I've been informed that all the Gen-X dolls prior to the recently released Guillotine have this issue and that is why "all early dolls are marked SAMPLE on the box."

Because she is a convention doll, I paid a premium for this vinyl doll. She's very unique and I like everything else about her.

The thing that drew me to her initially is her hairstyle. It's made up of two wigs, one on top of the other. The one closest to her scalp is darker brown and is just brushed back and cut short. The upper wig is a lighter color drawn up into two long pony tails.

Her gown is a white crochet type knit with fluffy tulle at the lower third of the dress. The belt is iridescent purple, a color which is picked up by the ribbons in her hair.

Underneath is a set of sexy, sparkly lingerie.

The bra and panty are glitter encrusted as are the fabulous shoes. I'm not a fan of glitter but in this instance, it works.

This is the joint issue:

What I don't understand is why I never heard of this problem prior to discovering it myself. Are collectors so blindly in love with these dolls that they don't say anything and will just keep buying? Not that I needed to hear complaints, but I'm surprised.

I've been offered the opportunity to return the doll to the UK to have the part replaced without a guarantee of vinyl color match. I'd rather sell her to someone who missed out on purchasing this very small edition doll. I don't know what to do.

Ed. Update:
I never would have posted publicly about it if an appropriate response to a defective $600.+ doll had been offered. 
The other companies I deal with most often: Tonner, Jamieshow, Integrity and Kingdom Doll would have offered to repair or replace the doll at no cost to me.
What's worse is finding out that this was a known problem.
I surely wouldn't have purchased her if I had knowledge of this troublesome and widespread defect.