Update on GENX body Problem

I was pretty upset with the overlapping vinyl on the left leg's knee joint. Ayal suggested an Xacto knife operation and I wasn't going to do it but I just happened to be near a nice sharp little slicer and I went to work on her. It was easy and I got the vinyl down to the point that it will not protrude from hosiery. It doesn't look exactly like the other leg but no one will know except me and about 3,000 of my readers. :-)

I received a lovely email from Joe Quinlan, Operations Manager at Superdoll. Apparently he tried to call my home but my NoMoRoBo blocks most unknown callers so he couldn't get through. At least that's why I think he couldn't get through. He did offer help via email if I wanted to go that route.
I wrote to him about the metal pin which is sticking out of the (same) leg and asked how to fix it.
He recommended the following:

I would recommend holding the leg down on a solid surface and applying pressure with a blunt metal object like the underside of a spoon, for example. Try and make sure the pressure is directly on top of the protruding pin at a 90 degree angle and the leg is as steady and secure as possible, this should just aid the pin into its intended position.  Warming the area up my also help if you are still struggling.

I have not tried it yet as I wanted to photograph my doll before undressing her again. I hope it works as I do like to put hosiery on my Sybarites. I have bad visions of cracking the leg altogether. Ugh. 

Many colorful comments have been made in my related thread on Prego and here on the blog about Superdoll. Let me just say this. I think their product is fantastic. No one makes dolls and fashions with the styling and daring they do. Is that the reason so many say nothing?

I love my Sybarites but..."if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." 

What product line is so important that you would keep your mouth shut when it is defective or if you are not offered a fix? This is the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome in action.

I have friendships with many doll manufacturers and I do care about them and their success. I want to see thriving, healthy competition in the doll world among designers and manufacturers. It's better for all of us.

It's only money - mine.


  1. I am glad you could find a solution for the issue for now that makes you feel better about your doll. That being said, I doubt that there is some huge conspiracy going on about this where everybody knows and doesn't talk about it.
    I personally own quite a few GenX dolls- some have never been redressed, some have been redressed but without removing the hose and some have been redressed and I personally never noticed it- I can be kind of picky with the doll's face and hair but apparently I did not pay much attention to the joints.
    I can see why it bothers you but I really doubt that this was something people were "afraid" to talk about. I know some people (not necessarily you) like to think of Syb fans as blind followers of a cult and the creators as cult heads who think of themselves as demigods but this is not how I have experienced the hobby at all.

    1. No one mentioned the word conspiracy.

    2. Sorry if I did not use the proper vocabulary, I thought a scenario where a group of people is assumed to keep some information from being disclosed out of fear/peer pressure within the group and there is assumed to be some authority governing that, it could be summarized using the word conspiracy.
      I was just trying to say that I don't feel like this is the case and it is not the only explanation for no one noticing/discussing what you described in your previous blog post.

    3. Your definition of conspiracy is correct; however, there is no reference to any conspiracy in my post. I don't think buyers are governed by any authority other than their own needs. That doesn't mean there isn't a feeling of loyalty and a need to be part of a fan base. In your case, having quite a few GenX dolls may affect your response to a defect. We can discuss this privately from here going forward if you wish.

  2. I do think people are afraid to bring up the issue, maybe for fear C&D will be offended or blacklist them or something? I don't know. But it does make me wonder what other defects the early dolls have that haven't been mentioned.

    Hopefully the new body will have ironed out the problems, but I still would rather know what the potential issues are before I buy a doll...

  3. I think there is certainly fear. I love their stuff, but this was poorly handled. thank you for the update Terri.