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Superdoll's Solitaire GEN X - DD_085

A few minutes past 1:00 PM EST Superdoll posted Solitaire, their first vinyl Sybarite, for sale on their website. The edition of 75 was sold out in less than 5 minutes.

These are the photos:

I swear I wasn't going to go for her. I'm very happy with my existing resin Sybs and similar 16" dolls. I knew she would be ridiculously expensive for a vinyl doll but after a moment's hesitation, I clicked the dreaded button.

Here is the description, copied directly from the post,  that accompanied the doll:

After years in development we are delighted to present
our ALL NEW Vinyl formula. version T-5 sample.

the DEBUT Generation_X
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
*please note different monitors may show colours differently.

Ginger and marshmallow coloured eyes, zef brows in rust and charcoal with shadow of deep red and muted blacks. Lids in icy translucent white. Lips the colour of blood.

Blonde wig bearing hand rooted centre parting, in a 'bedhead' state with backstage Queen of Hearts playing card set.

2 piece 'shrunken' suit consists amazing miniature tailoring with concealed shoulder pads and pocket kerchief. Pocket flap detail and functioning centre front buttons. 3 button detail to jacket cuffs. Trousers have beltloops, working front slash pockets and bum welts on back.

Further accessories include 'patent' belt, 'patent' B*TCH elongated purse with gold foil interior and the cutest hugest hot pink 'fur' pompom ever!

The piece d'resistance of course is her huge double baguette pillow cut ring that gleams like a solitaire rock in the midnight sky or is it the slither of velvet spot netting she has in her purse?

'Patent' strappy stiletto sandles with the highest heels ever on a sYbarite (sans platform)

Necklace and cuff set in silver 'leather' and chained bead detail.

and of course she comes with the following standard:

-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

In stock and ready to be delivered
Price: £274.00

She's got an intense, angry look about her.  The wig? We'll see. I do hope all Sybarite clothes will fit and that the quality is top notch.

Cost breakdown:
Doll         £274.00 = $421.15
Postage  £39.50    = $ 60.72  (Ridiculous for a vinyl doll unless she gets here in two days.)
Total       £313.50  = $481.87

Do you have any thoughts on why Superdoll seemingly has gone backwards in their production of dolls from beautiful resin to ordinary vinyl?


You would be 12 years old on Valentine's Day

RIP Rudy Mitzvah
You would be 12 years old on Valentine's Day


Voting Still Underway Until February 18th for Best Fashion Doll Blog

Collecting Fashion Dolls is nominated for best fashion doll blog. 

Public voting is now underway and you are invited to vote now until the poll closes on 18th February at 23:00GMT. Winners will be announced via the site on 22nd February 2015.

Why do they even bother?

Every year the little gift from the Barbie Fan Club gets more insulting. Last year it was a crappy business card wallet. I'd give it to a 3 year old who would probably throw it away like I did.

This year it's a crummy eyeglass case. OK maybe it's a tad better than the wallet as my glasses actually fit inside and I can snap it shut. But it has the smell of a blow up pool toy and probably causes eyelashes to fall out.

Honestly, if the offerings this year are not better than last year, it will be my last year in this "club."

Where are all the people? They died from the vinyl fumes.

Membership is still open. Get your own eyeglass case and geninue membership card. Silkstone collectors from the early days will get the misspelled word.



Daily Dose of Vanessa - Pale Fire

Today's featured Vanessa is "Pale Fire" from the 2007 Premium line. She sold for $159.99 and was an edition of 1000. Pale Fire was on the original tall body and had applied eyelashes. 
This was the time during which the dolls' face paint was air brushed beautifully and the fashions and accessories were exquisite. I don't recall quality control issues.

IT's promotional photo:

Pale Fire is an example of a doll I couldn't wait to get and yet didn't wind up loving until years later. After a while, I took her dress apart because it was too pouffy for me. I took her hair down and rooted in some reddish tones and she became a completely different doll.

About 2-1/2 years ago, another collector listed a NRFB Pale Fire for less than the original retail and I went for it. It's not the first time as I'm sure my readers know.

Now I display both of them side by side amongst my treasured collection of Vanessas.

The jewelry and construction of the dress were perfection.
Gorgeous makeup - no clownish eyebrows.