Daily Dose of Vanessa - Pale Fire

Today's featured Vanessa is "Pale Fire" from the 2007 Premium line. She sold for $159.99 and was an edition of 1000. Pale Fire was on the original tall body and had applied eyelashes. 
This was the time during which the dolls' face paint was air brushed beautifully and the fashions and accessories were exquisite. I don't recall quality control issues.

IT's promotional photo:

Pale Fire is an example of a doll I couldn't wait to get and yet didn't wind up loving until years later. After a while, I took her dress apart because it was too pouffy for me. I took her hair down and rooted in some reddish tones and she became a completely different doll.

About 2-1/2 years ago, another collector listed a NRFB Pale Fire for less than the original retail and I went for it. It's not the first time as I'm sure my readers know.

Now I display both of them side by side amongst my treasured collection of Vanessas.

The jewelry and construction of the dress were perfection.
Gorgeous makeup - no clownish eyebrows.


  1. What a wonderful idea! It's really nice seeing them side by side. It demonstrates how integral every aspect (decision) is to making a doll unique. I'm warming up to the idea of personalizing dolls when I see results like these. The way your revised Vanessa's hair shows off the earrings is so different. I don't recall seeing this style before. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Troy. 90% of my dolls are unaltered except for their outfits. In the case of older folks, all have new bodies.

  2. Your customized doll is lovely- I like the original too, especially her jewelry.

  3. I love Pale Fire Vanessa. Mine is still basically pristine but wears a more streamline gown (in the same color as her original)...the voluminous gown takes up too much space in the IKEA case. lol