The Wolf and The Hood .... In The Hood?

I just love these two dolls to bits! Kumi has an extraordinarily delicate sculpt. I did trim her bangs a tiny bit.
Yuri is adorable. I cut her hair to make it even all around but it still needs some work. I did freckle her face and when I finally get it right I shall post photos. This was before the freckling.
For the setting I gathered some assorted pine branches, cut some wild red berry branches and other growing things and tried to create a forest scene. Unfortunately, when the lighting I use hit the background, it looked like the inside of an aquarium. I dimmed the flash output and I was not satisfied with the results at all. These three were the best of the lot...and I took a lot of pictures...all too dark. Every now and then I just don't get it right.
Film was much more forgiving. No pixels.


Sister (not so) Dreary "Mistletoe Mishap"

Mistletoe Mishap from the Tonner Doll Company arrived the other day and I am happy to report that she is just as beautiful as her promotional photos.

Her gown of crinkled taffeta with it's draped chiffon at the sides which end in a large bow with train is a delicious deep blood red and it fits her like a dream.
This version of Sister Dreary has high-heel fashion feet instead of flat feet with articulated ankles. Her facial screening is more sophisticated with darker lips and shadow above and under the eyes. Her hair is styled in a glamorous knotted bun atop her head with plenty of long, free hanging hair at the sides and back.
When viewed next to each other, this Sister Dreary and previous versions do not look like the same sculpt.

Sister Dreary Mistletoe Mishap is a limited edition of only 200 and is priced at $174.00 retail. She sold out rather quickly at those dealers who discount her for $139.99 but is still available elsewhere.
I am sad to say that after seeing Mistletoe Mishap, the original Sister Dreary has decided to leave home because it's not dreary enough here. It's odd that she would take my pink train case.