The Wolf and The Hood .... In The Hood?

I just love these two dolls to bits! Kumi has an extraordinarily delicate sculpt. I did trim her bangs a tiny bit.
Yuri is adorable. I cut her hair to make it even all around but it still needs some work. I did freckle her face and when I finally get it right I shall post photos. This was before the freckling.
For the setting I gathered some assorted pine branches, cut some wild red berry branches and other growing things and tried to create a forest scene. Unfortunately, when the lighting I use hit the background, it looked like the inside of an aquarium. I dimmed the flash output and I was not satisfied with the results at all. These three were the best of the lot...and I took a lot of pictures...all too dark. Every now and then I just don't get it right.
Film was much more forgiving. No pixels.

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  1. I love what you did to get the background. it looks not like an aquarium assortment but more like twillight twinkling night scene! You can play around the lighting abit. What I learnt from observing other people's flickr album is that you don't have to have a full on lighting to take pictures, different lighting angles and intensity produces differing moods.