Robert Tonner, You Take My Breath Away

My model for this spectacular fashion from the Tonner Doll Company is Ooh La La Gene. She was a Wu Gene Club exclusive last year (2007). Since this gown was not created for the Gene body, I had to take up the halter a bit. (My secret : I use Scotch magic tape; it doesn't leave a residue.)

The fashion entitled Take My Breath Away is from Tonner's new Dick Tracy line. Tonner's site describes the outfit as a "figure-hugging black sequined halter style evening dress with gathered chiffon skirt and dazzling gold and black beaded applique´ across the bust." The look is pulled "together with full length opera gloves, pantyhose, black and gold faux leather strappy heels, and stunning black and gold jewelry."
It's not exactly the skirt that is gathered. The part of the gown that is gathered begins at the knee.
The quality of the fabric is superb. I found no defects. The shoes fit. I'm impressed.

Be warned about the bracelet as it is weapon-like. The sharp bezels containing the beads are not in touch with the beads and are useful for creating snags and pulls. I held my breath putting it on over the glove. Perhaps that's why they named the outfit Take My Breath Away. Hmmmm.

Retail price is $99. You can get it for less. I recommend this fashion in spite of it's high price. Tonner's sequined fashions hold a good deal of their original value. If you ever consider reselling, don't put the bracelet on.

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