Will The Real Natalia Fatale Please Stand Up?

Not that I think about it often...but I don't know for sure why Jason Wu decided to change Natalia's facial sculpt. Why didn't he just create a new character? They don't look at all like each other.

Was something wrong with this face? This doll's face and screening are perfection.

She's pretty in the plastic sense of the word but the "new, improved" Natalia looks like a snob. Her plastic surgeon went a little too far with the nose job. I wonder if she can even get air in through those nostrils. Her nose, chin, cheeks and eyebrows all looked pinched.

Maybe I need to be more forward-looking ... in the direction of Natalia's features.


  1. I loved the original Natalia sculpt and I don't understand why it was changed. Cosmetic Takeover is still one of the most beautiful FR ever.

  2. The new Natalia is very Candis Cayne to me. I think both are gorgeous. I prefer the new mold over the first one. But I agree Terri. I think the first mold was fine and don't understand what prompted a remake. Maybe they are planning to redo the whole line.

    -SmittenKitten/Teri who does not have an account and has to post anon:D