Poppy Parker 5th Anniversary Collection 2014 IFDC IT DIRECT Exclusive

 The W Club sent out this information to it's members earlier today. 

We just heard from the team and since they are starting to sell the IT Direct exclusive doll at the show, the W Club is happy to bring you dear members a first look at this very special Poppy Parker doll, a part of the fantastic 5th Anniversary souvenir collection!
Evening Ingenue

My first glimpse of this new Poppy was on my iPhone and I thought it was a 16" version.  She looks graceful and mature. A friend collector pointed out a similarity in her gown to that of "Forever" Vanessa Perrin's dress. The fabric looks similar but the scale of the lace overlay is nicer and so is the style. Sadly, Vanessa's dress was not popular at all. I believe this Poppy and her fashion will be extremely popular. 

More information on Evening Ingenue will be sent out after IFDC's Saturday night reveal of the event souvenir and the companion dolls.

New 16" Jamieshow IFDC Exclusive Dolls

Marlena "Toast of Tinsel Town" LE 50    Resin BJD  $475.

Marlena, the Toast of Tinsel town, will seduce you with her languid stare and sinuous blonde locks. Wearing a satin 3 piece Tuxedo outfit and sporting her top hat, she is ready for a night on the town. Pale blue eyes, smoky eyeshadow and rosy cheeks, she is a site [sic] for sore eyes. Marlena wears a blonde curled JAMIEshow rooted wig cap, comes with a stand and is a very limited edition for IFDC.

 OONA  "Cool Breeze in Vegas" LE 100   Resin BJD  $425.

Mel Odom and JAMIEshow Introduce Oona, "Cool Breeze in Vegas". With sultry lavender eyes and blonde swirling rooted wig cap, Oona is dressed in a lovely blue dress with white accents, framed at the waist and bowed in the back. Panythose, purse, scarf, a diamond brooch and matching earrings adorn her body, as well as matching red patent leather pumps. 

In addition to these two 16" dolls, Jamieshow revealed three new 12" resin bjd's. They are 'miniatures' of the existing 16" sculpts Grace, Eshe and Ginny. I have one demi body which I've used here to replace a Silkstone body. It's excellent. Separate bodies used to be available. I don't know if they will be offered again.


DEMI-COUTURE Collection dolls are 12" tall and made out of the same fine resin as JAMIEshow 16" BJD Fashion Dolls.  Each doll is cast, sanded, blushed, assembled and painted by hand.  So every doll is a one of kind doll.  They are the same body size as FR and Barbie, so they can share their clothes.  Each doll has 17 points of articulation including upper hip and double jointed elbows.  Dolls are sporting newly re-degined [sic] rooted wig caps and also come with solid cap for size 4 wigs. 


Tonner's 2014 SDCC Exclusive Dolls

The super popular San Diego Comic-Con takes place this year from July 24 through the 27th. Those hardy and lucky enough to attend can see these Tonner dolls exclusively at the Tonner booth.  But of course, if they don't sell out there, they'll probably be up on their store the following day or miraculously discovered in the warehouse.

From the Big Bang Theory comes "Sheldon Cooper Special Edition."



From DC Stars a "Vintage Wonder Woman" in resin:

Their description says she's a new Tyler resin head sculpt on a resin Tyler body. She is a very pretty doll but where's the rest of her wondrous body?

She's too thin.


Both dolls are 16". Both are LE 100. Prices were not listed.

Updated Photos on 7/9/14

That's better.


Kingdom Doll "Hadrian" Available Friday

Kingdom Doll has announced the ordering date for Hadrian. Here is some information:

Hadrian ltd 50 pieces world wide.

Its time to save the date everyone, Hadrian will be sold this coming Friday the 11th of July at 6.30pm British time!
We often get asked what the time difference is around the world, so here is a link to the World Clock we hope you will find helpful. Hadrian is limited to 50 dolls world wide, she is dressed in a hand finished black silk gown with unique custom metal details, featuring a pale platinum blonde hard cap wig. Please note that  Hadrian's shoes have not arrived yet at KD HQ but we have decided to go ahead and sell Hadrian as planned this coming Friday. For anyone who purchases the doll from us on the day please note that Hadrian's shoes will be sent out separately as soon as they arrive at no extra cost.
Just click on the icon of Hadrian to take you to her website gallery
Hadrian, is the penultimate use of our Novantae head sculpt, the last of which is planned for a very limited release at the years end before she is retired. We chose the name Hadrian for this third outing of Novantae after "Hadrian's Wall" (Latin: Vallum Aelium) a defensive fortification in Roman Britain built by the Emperor Hadrian to keep the Roman empire intact!