Tonner's 2014 SDCC Exclusive Dolls

The super popular San Diego Comic-Con takes place this year from July 24 through the 27th. Those hardy and lucky enough to attend can see these Tonner dolls exclusively at the Tonner booth.  But of course, if they don't sell out there, they'll probably be up on their store the following day or miraculously discovered in the warehouse.

From the Big Bang Theory comes "Sheldon Cooper Special Edition."



From DC Stars a "Vintage Wonder Woman" in resin:

Their description says she's a new Tyler resin head sculpt on a resin Tyler body. She is a very pretty doll but where's the rest of her wondrous body?

She's too thin.


Both dolls are 16". Both are LE 100. Prices were not listed.

Updated Photos on 7/9/14

That's better.


  1. Wow, maybe a 14 year old version of Wonder Woman...

    1. The face is mature but the body is not. I also find it highly unusual that they'd do a resin Tyler body when the Tyler body isn't very posable to begin with. Really strange.

    2. This is definitely not an Amazon warrior! It's curious that they didn't use the "heroic" body. The face is good, but the overall look just isn't attractive.

  2. I have to learn not to drink liquids when reading your blog. I spit up laughing so heavily reading the line about the miraculous discovery of all those :sold out" items in that elusive Tonner warehouse! (Does no one do regular walk-throughs for inventory or its always a Sir Howard Carter-like surprise?)

    1. Haven't you heard they hired an archeologist who is currently running an excavation under the warehouse? One never knows.

  3. Wonder Woman looks Really Cheap.