Tonner Doll Company Cancels Production

Production of the following dolls from the Sinister Circus collection has been canceled.
The Painted Lady, The Bearded Lady, Keiko, Marina and Quimby.
Why am I not surprised? Collectors are apparently not as daring as the TDC.
Their images have been removed from Tonner's website but I do have these:

The right fashion & wig make a brilliant difference.

Putting it right out there, Monogram Brilliance's outfit is dowdy and her wig doesn't do anything at all for her.
No one knows how to put the hat on. The doll was a total disappointment...until I found the right wig and outfit for her.

The suit belongs to the Black Party Monogram doll. The jewelry came from the Je Ne Sais Quoi Silkstone doll and the wig, believe it or not, belongs to one of my tiny Puki dolls. It works. I love her now.
Original Promotional Image Property of Integrity Toys


The Mad Hatter

As if the world has rediscovered the classic childrens' fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland, Alice mania has hit the doll world with force. At IDEX many manufacturers showed new Alice in Wonderland dolls for 2010.
You may or may not know that the movie by the same name will be opening tomorrow, March 6, with the fabulously talented, slightly crazy Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.
This post will show you some of the Mad Hatter dolls that are currently on the market, will be soon or have sold out already. They come in all sizes and prices.
Below are links to the websites at which I found them, prices (if available) along with an image.

The following items can all be found at Entertainment Earth:

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Doll $199.99

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat Kubricks $18.99

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Ultra Design Action Figure $19.99

Toys R Us and hundreds of other stores will carry Mattel's version of the Mad Hatter. Prices will vary.

Barbie Collector Pink Label Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Doll $59.99 with Free Shipping

Tonner Doll Company
"Images pending licensor and actor approval." I saw the pre-production doll and it's amazing. It's too bad it couldn't be ready for the movie opening. Those in doubt would do well to wait before buying another Hatter. Tonner's is amazing.

Tarrant - The Mad Hatter - Dressed Tonner Character Figure $224.99

For those of you who prefer weird....I found these:

Bobble Head Mad Hatter

Living Dead Dolls Presents: Living Dead Dolls In Wonderland Mezco Direct.Com $113.00

Will the REAL Mad Hatter please stand up?

Walt Disney did not create the story of Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll wrote two Alice novels, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. (1872) Click here for more information on the two pieces of literature.

Will you be adding Alice in Wonderland dolls to your collection?

Blue Horizon Gene

My dream...dance like Ginger Rogers with a partner like Fred Astaire.

Blue Horizon Gene
was a 2008 Gene Convention exclusive. A recent sale at Cherished Friends made her affordable enough to get this doll that I've wanted since I first saw her.
She is everything one could expect of a Gene doll - beautiful face, full head of stylish blonde hair and a theatrical fashion with plenty of bling. This Gene is breathtaking!

I had one problem...both shoes are for the right foot! Now here's a question. Integrity Toys guarantees their dolls to be free from defects for one year. Is my doll still under the guarantee? I got her from an Integrity dealer this week. She was released more than one year ago. I would like a replacement shoe.
Why can't I get a perfect doll?

With Love From Ginger,
Listen to: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails by Fred Astaire, from the album Dancing Cheek to Cheek

Integrity Toys 2010 Line to Debut March 6

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, an on-line unveiling of many of the Integrity Toys' products will take place. As far as I know, only the members of the W Club were invited to attend. We pre-registered and were given a link for entry. The event will use an internet conference format which is live with available interaction from attendees.
It should be very interesting.

I will be permitted to post the images on the following Sunday morning so stay tuned.

The concept of an exclusive club is not an original one. Mattel does it. Tonner did it. Madame Alexander has one and there are others. These other companies also promote their products at toy fairs. Non-Integrity Toys collectors I met at IDEX have questioned me as to why IT does not do so. One person who shall remain nameless and who is now a dealer told me that she was put off when she called to get some information. Her calls were never returned. I have no idea what the situation was at the time.
I think it's about money. It costs a great deal to participate in a real toy fair event: renting the exhibit space, transporting the reps and the merchandise, accomodations and food, display equipment...ALOT of $$$.
The main goal of toy fair is for dealers to see the goods and to place orders. Apparently Integrity Toys has dealers camped out on their back porch clamoring to carry their product. Excitement over the dolls is generated through a combination of marketing to W Club members and then the members themselves go wild.
Having a well-known designer helps to raise the prices and the elan.


Picture of the Week Award ~ February 28, 2010

There are no dolls to be seen in this week's Picture of the Week but they may enter at any moment and look fabulous in this 1/6 scale hall/gallery diorama. At first glance, it looked real to me. Then I recognized the acrylic doll stand bases, the Fashion Fever mannequins and the wig stand. What made it look amazingly realistic was the lighting and the reflections on the shiny floor.

This wonderful scene was created by Alejandro Torres. I asked him to describe the picture and here is a summary of his response:

"With one snap of the camera, I justified not throwing away years worth of assorted plastic crap. I think like all of us, I have more Polyvinyl Chloride lying around the house than is probably healthy. I'm minimal about everything in my life except when it comes to my dolls and anything to do with them. When it comes to dioramas, I always see things as what they can potentially be in respect to a doll display. In the picture in question you see Fashion Royalty wig stands, the block bottoms of FR doll stands with Fashion Fever packaging parts in repeating patterns. The large mannequins were purchased for their wigs and then I was able to use them in another way. The walls are foam board and the elevator door was constructed by me."

This is more justification for us pack rats who are buried under stuff!

If you go to Alejandro's Photobucket album you will see not only photos of his dolls but more dioramas with and without dolls and other wonderful photography. I highly recommend taking a look.

Congratulations, Alejandro, on the Picture of the Week Award!