Integrity Toys 2010 Line to Debut March 6

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, an on-line unveiling of many of the Integrity Toys' products will take place. As far as I know, only the members of the W Club were invited to attend. We pre-registered and were given a link for entry. The event will use an internet conference format which is live with available interaction from attendees.
It should be very interesting.

I will be permitted to post the images on the following Sunday morning so stay tuned.

The concept of an exclusive club is not an original one. Mattel does it. Tonner did it. Madame Alexander has one and there are others. These other companies also promote their products at toy fairs. Non-Integrity Toys collectors I met at IDEX have questioned me as to why IT does not do so. One person who shall remain nameless and who is now a dealer told me that she was put off when she called to get some information. Her calls were never returned. I have no idea what the situation was at the time.
I think it's about money. It costs a great deal to participate in a real toy fair event: renting the exhibit space, transporting the reps and the merchandise, accomodations and food, display equipment...ALOT of $$$.
The main goal of toy fair is for dealers to see the goods and to place orders. Apparently Integrity Toys has dealers camped out on their back porch clamoring to carry their product. Excitement over the dolls is generated through a combination of marketing to W Club members and then the members themselves go wild.
Having a well-known designer helps to raise the prices and the elan.


  1. To me it seems that Integrity Toys tend to more and more despise their customers.

    There really should be some competition.

    Maybe the Chinese could do something about that. They have all the know-how and surely there exist talented designers galore.

    I am fed up with being treated like a beggar, be it by Integrity themselves or by (many of) their dealers. The only time those are inclined get into touch with me is when the dolls don't sell like sliced bread, i. e. this year's Avantguards.

    Anyway I'm so glad I didn't by the Monogram doll. Those plastic shoes really put me off, and I didn't even know she wore a wig.

    Unfortunately I have to admit I am still waiting for pictures of the new collection and I hope I like none of it.

    Petra from Germany

  2. Thank God the dolls are not to my taste this year. I like the blonde Vanessa in the sequined dress though, but I guess so does everybody else.

    I won't buy a whole collection just in order to get one doll.

    Maybe I'll wait for the Pound to drop a little bit and then I'll buy British...

    Petra from Germany again