Barbie Collector 1st Quarter $20 Club Reward Reminder

The first quarter reward will expire on March 31st so if you plan to use it, get going.
I was not thinking of purchasing anything except Silkstones this year but when I read about the body issues, I decided to put that on hold. So I was left with a dilemma about my $20 discount opportunity. What does a compulsive doll buyer do when she can save $20? She spends.
I had a pretty hard time deciding what I could make the best use from what's available. I chose the Harley-Davidson Giftset. I like that the Ken is articulated and he looks pretty decent. His pants and top are not dorky. That's a plus for a pink label Ken. The Barbie is pretty but unarticulated and will probably not last long in this house unless I get her a different body. Come on, Mattel. Articulate everyone!
I like Barbie's outfit and I wonder if it will fit any of my other dolls.

The list price is $69.95.
After the $20 reward it was $49.95. I used a free shipping code.
Tax was $4.00.
Total came to $53.95.

I'll let you know if it was worth it after I get the dolls.


Silkstone Palm Beach Line has Production Issues

This information was posted in three separate posts by BCLizG on the Modern Forum:

"Thank you for all of the comments and questions on the Palm Beach line. We take all of our collector feedback very seriously and discuss every issue with a global team from our headquarters in El Segundo to our manufacturing facilities in Asia.
Because we do take every comment so seriously, we like to review thouroughly so we can give a full and accurate update. Sometimes, that means it takes us a few days.
Yes, the Palm Beach Bathing suit doll is slightly larger than some retired dolls in the BFMC line. This is due to normal manufacturing variances. All of the dolls in the Palm Beach line will be of a similiar size.
Secondly, the Palm Beach Breeze legs are further apart than our spec, and we are working withour maufacturing teams to correct.
I want to assure you that our teams hold quality as our highest commitment, and are deeply concerned when we see these types of variances. "
"We do not expect the other 2010 Silkstone dolls to have a size variance. I will put together a special preview with photos of production dolls in advance of the on-sale date.
We will not offer a replacement doll program for the Breeze doll. Mattel does stand behind quality product so if you have individual concerns, please call the number listed on the packaging. "
"We will not offer a replacement doll program for the Breeze doll. Mattel does stand behind quality product so if you have individual concerns, please call the number listed on the packaging.
If you have any concerns about your doll, please call customer service, or the number that is listed on your package invoice. Thanks Liz. "

I did not notice a problem with my Palm Beach Honey.


Picture of the Week Award ~ March 14, 2010

Our featured photographer is Denise Jefferson aka DeeinNJ. Dee is well known and admired for her creative dioramas and uncanny ability to use items commonly discarded to create settings for 1/6 scale dolls. This week's photo shows The Soiree Silkstone Barbie doll in a OOAK gown whose creator is unknown. The fur is from Silver Society Veronique and the jewelry is Joe Tai. The tiara is original to the doll.
Dee Jefferson

In this shot Soiree Barbie is making her red carpet entrance. The set was created using Barbie's red carpet runway, red posterboard, red felt, a potted plant and a cityscape backdrop. The steps are packaging inserts from the FR Loft Collection.
Dee used a Nikon Coolpix 880 camera. Lighting is natural daylight. Her suggestion to other doll photographers is to pose the doll the way a person might pose. Use props for realism.
Dee has a feature piece in the quarterly publication Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ) magazine. You can also see more of her beautiful work in this album.

Congratulations, Dee, on the Picture of the Week Award. I always look forward to your photos.