Barbie Collector 1st Quarter $20 Club Reward Reminder

The first quarter reward will expire on March 31st so if you plan to use it, get going.
I was not thinking of purchasing anything except Silkstones this year but when I read about the body issues, I decided to put that on hold. So I was left with a dilemma about my $20 discount opportunity. What does a compulsive doll buyer do when she can save $20? She spends.
I had a pretty hard time deciding what I could make the best use from what's available. I chose the Harley-Davidson Giftset. I like that the Ken is articulated and he looks pretty decent. His pants and top are not dorky. That's a plus for a pink label Ken. The Barbie is pretty but unarticulated and will probably not last long in this house unless I get her a different body. Come on, Mattel. Articulate everyone!
I like Barbie's outfit and I wonder if it will fit any of my other dolls.

The list price is $69.95.
After the $20 reward it was $49.95. I used a free shipping code.
Tax was $4.00.
Total came to $53.95.

I'll let you know if it was worth it after I get the dolls.


  1. I've ordered this set as well (mostly for Ken). My Barbie will probably get a Fashionista body swap.

  2. That Ken is kind of cute.

    I really look forward to seeing pictures of him, Ms. Gold.


  3. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I've seen some fantastic ones, and some blah ones-- not sure if it's the individual dolls, or the photos, lol! And I soooo agree! Articulate everyone!

  4. I love the Barbie, but watch out for her earrings. Somehow, they make the ears turn gray.

  5. @MissSpottyJane: Thanks for the heads-up on that one. I will remove her earrings immediately.