Jeweled Goldmine

Jewels and gold, it's a wonderful thing.

Goldmine is wearing The Jeweled Cat Madra's fashion and Monique Gold's Yuri wig in red. The image has been manipulated in Photoshop.

Antoinette Fashions from Robert Tonner Doll Co.

Another fashion arrived this week for Antoinette called Brilliant. It is adorable.
In the first two photos below, Cameo is wearing Brilliant. The fabric is metallic with the top more gold and the bottom more silver. The stockings are metallic gold fishnet and the shoes are silver. Her necklace is a combination of golds and brushed silver beads.
They might be a little hard to see but her set of 6 bracelets was made by Amber Park. I have added the gold earrings. The setting for this photo is Gene's Gazebo with assorted miniature trees, potted plants and Gene's Patio Set.

This next photo shows Idyllic Antoinette in the fashion called Influential. I have removed the shirt and tights that came with the outfit. It's dressier and more sophisticated this way. Earrings are Fashion Royalty.
The last photo is the two gals together in the garden looking lovely but bored. They're wondering where the guys are that were supposed to show up at this party.

I am so in love with this line of dolls and fashions. They are comfortable, easy and neat which might be a turn off for some but not for me. That's not to say I like them any more or any less than my edgier dolls.

Repaints are showing up and so far, I have not seen one that has improved upon the original - but I do give them credit for trying. Heaven knows, if I did a repaint, it would never see the light of day.


Picture of the Week Award ~ July 12, 2009

This week's award goes to Al Gudka of Atlanta, GA. Pictured is "Flight Pattern" Kyori Sato. If she looked this good in the promotional pictures, she'd probably be sold out by now.

Congratulations, Al, on a beautiful portrait.